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Keeper Of The Flame

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Keeper Of The Flame
Nicky Wire - Keeper Of The Flame.jpg
Released Wednesday 28th June 2023
Album Intimism
Length 3:23
Type Nicky Wire Solo Single
First Played Live
Last Played Live
Recorded Door To The River Studios, Caerleon
Producer Loz Williams & Nicky Wire


I don't need space just a room with a view
A television and some flowers in bloom
My eyes are getting tired holding back the tears
Makes me feel so lonesome makes me feel so free

I'm only certain baby when I am with you
Sends me backwards somehow deep into my youth
And I see all around me the joy and the despair
Nothing left to lose now no one left to care

Radio on, typewriter clicking
Everything is ok no one is listening
I'm not a socialist anymore
The SOCIAL bit leaves me cold
I am an ist, I am an ism
A lifelong affair with tunnel vision

And if I am the keeper of this flame
I will not let it baby end in this way
It will make me stronger
Make me still believe
Keep those fires burning
Keep those flames in me

Radio on, typewriter clicking
Everything is ok no one is listening
I'm not a socialist anymore
The SOCIAL bit leaves me cold
I am an ist, I am an ism
A lifelong affair with tunnel vision

Keeper Of The Flame lyrics.jpg



Track Length
  1. Keeper Of The Flame 3:23


Nicky Wire - guitars, vocals, bass, lyrics
Loz Williams - keyboards
Rich Beak - drums
James Dean Bradfield - additional guitar, backing vocals


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