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Indian Summer

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Send Away The Tigers

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Indian Summer

Single - Indian Summer.jpg

Released Monday 1st October 2007
Album Send Away The Tigers
Length 3:55
Type Single
First Played Live Monday 8th May 2007 - Cambridge Corn Exchange
Last Played Live Friday 1st September 2017 - Bingley Music Live
Recorded Stir Studios, Cardiff
Producer Dave Eringa, Greg Haver
Chart Position 22


If God persists, persists in saying yes
I guess we'll have, we'll have to test ourselves
Maybe this summer will come and clear our minds
To find the impulse to love the sunshine

I guess we'll have to test
Until there's nothing left
We said that truth was fixed
It's lost without a trace

Whose crime is eternity
When time lost is certainty
The Indian summer

Maybe this time we'll kiss and we'll not shake hands
Indian summer, still and unbroken
And leave all this material beneath
Remember the reasons, the reasons that made us be

I guess we'll have to test
what's darker than ourselves
We said the truth was fixed
It's lost without a trace

Whose crime is eternity
When time lost is certainty
The Indian summer

I guess we'll have to test
Until there's nothing left
We said that truth was fixed
It's lost without a trace




Track Length
  1. Indian Summer 3:55
  2. Anorexic Rodin 3:18


  1. Indian Summer 3:55
  2. Heyday Of The Blood 2:44
  3. Foggy Eyes 2:53
  4. Lady Lazarus 4:09


  A. Indian Summer 3:55
  B. You Know It's Going To Hurt 2:51


  1. Indian Summer 3:55
  2. Indian Summer (Demo) 3:49
  3. Indian Summer (Acoustic) 3:58
  4. Indian Summer (Live At Vodafone Live Music Awards 2007) 3:47

Sleeve Quotes

"My most creative moment is the point zero" - Naojo Fukasawa

"It's the mark of a very very young soul to try and fix the world" - Chuck Palahniuk

"I like a look of agony, because I know it's true" - Emily Dickinson



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