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You Quiz MSP's Sean Moore - Planet Sound, 6th May 2001

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Title: You Quiz MSP's Sean Moore
Publication: Planet Sound
Date: Sunday 6th May 2001
Writer: John Earls

So, what did you want to ask Manic Street Preachers? Our email inbox went on overload when we gave readers the chance to quiz the band about anything from their career. Drummer Sean Moore, who rarely talks to the press, took up the challenge of facing the public. With the band's new single Ocean Spray ready to go, here are Sean’s thoughts on politics, Wales, Richey, the royals and, er, mobile phone ringtones.

How badly do King Adora want to be you circa 1991? - Peter Roberts

I think they're more like New York dolls than us. But if they do want to be like us, they've missed the point. There's a lot of things in the way they come across i don't agree with.

Which three books should everyone read? - Charles Monroe

George Orwell’s 1984, definitely, to see how the state operates. Animal farm too. And Jack Kerouac’s 'On The Road' is always an absorbing read.

Can you define your views on Welsh nationalism? - Big Mad Ad

We're proud of our roots. Nationalism to the exclusion of everything else, of not allowing yourself a worldview, is however dangerous.

Is there too much emphasis put on MSP being a Welsh band? - Trish Roberts

In a way. I don't think the country you come from is relevant to your music. And it's interesting to me that, compared with the rest of Britain, we don't sell many records in Wales.

Have you ever lost all respect for someone you admired when you met them? And what song do you have as a ringtone on your mobile? - Stephen Carroll

I was a big fan of Blondie's drummer Clem Burke, until the band went to the Q Awards in '99. They plugged their new album during their acceptance speech. They were there for cynical reasons. I was totally disappointed. And I have a normal ringtone. Mobiles are annoying enough, without working out what song someone's phone has got.

Any tips for an eyeliner virgin on what brands to use? - Mrs Manics

(Bursts out laughing) Clinique's best to start with, as it doesn't react to allergies like most brands do.

As you were such big Guns 'N' Roses fans in your teenage years, what do you think of their reform? - Paul McCormick

I fear Axl's doing it for the money after all this time away. Maybe I'll be proved wrong, but the new line-up - particularly Buckethead - looks a worry. I won't be seeing the tour.

What, if anything, will you do with Richey’s unpublished lyrics and poems - will there be a book? - Simon Amphlette

That's something we'd have to consider extremely carefully. We wouldn't want to do it just to appeal to the ghoulish Richey obsessives. What we'd certainly need to do is to talk to Richey’s family first to see if they approve. That's something we've yet to discuss with them, because it hasn't seemed appropriate. Until we do that, there's no plans for anything.

What are your views on fox hunting and animal rights campaigns like Huntingdon Life Sciences? - Carol Williams

I can see no justifiable purpose in fox hunting whatsoever. But, while I’m against testing on animals for cosmetic reasons, I’d ask protesters if they've ever benefited from medical treatment tested on animals

What animal do you think you will be reincarnated as? - Kin-Chung Lee

I'd prefer to come back as a virus and infect and kill everyone I hate.

Do you think it's important for young people to vote, even if there's nobody worth voting for? - Nikki Kaur

It's important to vote for what you believe in, even if it's not for a party likely to win. And young people should go out and protest in public more than they are.

Who would you have play the band in a film about your lives? - Simon Grimmett

Sean Penn for me, Elizabeth Taylor for Richey, Robert de Niro for James and Richard Burton as Nicky.

Why did you refuse to play to the royal family at the Welsh Assembly, when you could have played Charles Windsor or repeat in front of them? - Simmiebabe

It was an event celebrating Welsh independence, so it wouldn't have been appropriate to try to upstage that. And, unlike your reader, i think it would have looked silly and dull on TV. It was better to make the stand of saying why we weren’t going to do it - that the monarchy are so irrelevant, except to Japanese tourists.

After your trip to Cuba, would you be bothered if you were barred from the US? - Fiona Carr

It's no longer the big deal we once thought it was. We have fans over there and we'd like to play for them, but post-Cuba, we'll have to wait and see.

Is Found That Soul's keyboard riff a deliberate steal from the Buzzcocks' 'Something's Done Wrong'? - Scott Murray

Hmm... I see what you mean, but no. I mean there's only so much you can do with a one-note keyboard solo!