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You Ask The Questions: Nicky Wire - The Independent, 20th June 2001

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Title: You Ask The Questions: Nicky Wire
Publication: The Independent
Date: Wednesday 20th June 2001
Photos: David Hardie


(Such as; so Nicky Wire, how do you justify making so much money whilst calling yourself a socialist?)

Nicky Wire, 32, is the bassist with the rock group the Manic Street Preachers. The group, who originate from Blackwood, Gwent in Wales, released their debut single "Suicide Alley" in 1989 and album Generation Terrorists in 1992. This was followed by Gold Against the Soul and The Holy Bible in 1994. In February 1995 the band's guitarist, Richey James went missing on the eve of an American tour. The Manic Street Preachers returned as a three piece in 1996 with the single "A Design for Life", which won an Ivor Novello songwriting award, followed by the Brit award-winning albums Everything Must Go and This is My Truth Tell me Yours. They started their world tour earlier this year in Cuba, in the presence of Fidel Castro, the first Western rock band to do so.

What is the Manic Street Preachers' finest moment to date? Nicholas E Gough, Swindon
A number one single about the Spanish Civil War.

Did the other Manics ever get distracted from playing at the sight of you jumping around in a short skirt? Alien, by e-mail
They're more distracted by the horrendous noise of my bass.

The Manics have created music from a range of genres ­ punk, rock, gothic, strings-based and pop. Can we expect a new change of direction in the future? Andy Vacha, by e-mail
The future is a greatest hits album, but we have always wanted to make a purely acoustic album, like Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen.

After your near miss with Arsenal during your youth, how have you come to support Spurs? Pete Hayman, by e-mail
Because of Chris Waddle, Glen Hoddle, Paul Gascoigne, and Danny Blanchflower, and football played with style, as it should be.

How did you come to sing lead vocal on "Wattsville Blues" and "Ballad of the Bangkok Novotel"? Hendrik, Estonia
I can't sing, I rant incoherently.

Who do you think votes for Plaid Cymru? Nicholas E Gough, Swindon
People with the freedom to do so, but I choose not to.

In the past you've expressed a desire to writer a screenplay for a film on Owain Glyndwr. Is it going to happen? Clwyd Williams, by e-mail
We bought the film rights to Everything Must Go. I am currently in the process of getting the film made.

What is the song "My Guernica" about? Lars Hellestrae, Norway
It is about making a political statement through art and a huge admiration for Picasso in that he achieved this.

My friends are always asking me how you justify making so much money from your music while still calling yourself socialists and slamming greedy corporations in your lyrics. Ian Ross, by e-mail
Tell them to get an education.

What will you do after the Manics split? Are you interested in following a political path? Gerwyn Davies, Gwent
I will build a concrete bunker and disappear.

What makes you cry? Stella Pravis, London
Leaving home, rugby, flowers and the sea.

What is your favourite colour of eye shadow? Rhona Gordon, by e-mail
Light blue and light green by either Rimmel or Lancôme, for special occasions!

What books are you reading at the moment and what records are you listening to? Rhona Gordon, by e-mail
The Book of Demons by Barry McSweeney. The new Super Furry Animals album and New York Dolls' Looking For A Kiss.

Who did you vote for in the election and why? Lars Hellestrae, Norway
That's between the ballot box and me.

Is Fidel Castro an old or a new Manics fan? Chris Scott, by e-mail
Somewhere in between.

Sol Campbell: should he stay or should he go? Pete Hayman, by e-mail
He should move abroad and experience a new football culture.

Do you consider any of the current US bands worthwhile? Which ones? Are the Manics going to continue to try to promote themselves in America? Adam Miller, Utah
At The Drive-In and Queens of the Stone Age are genius. As for going to America to promote the album, in short, no.