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You've Got How Many?! - NME Student Guide, September 1996

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Title: You've Got How Many?!
Publication: NME Student Guide
Date: September 1996
Writer: John Perry
Photos: Steve Double

NME0996 (1).jpg NME0996 (2).jpg

Pop stars, eh? They might be clever at whistling top tunes, but can they do complex long division? Or name the capital of France? In short, just how bloody qualified are they to sit around writing albums and stuff? John Perry 'investigates'.



8 O-levels – 4 As and 4 Bs, English Lit, English Lang, Biology. History "Or was it Geography? I can't remember....?" Political Constitution. Art, Sociology. 3 A-levels, 2 As and a 8 –English, Sociology and Politics. Degree in Politics (2:2) – "We were touring at the time so. I'm sure I could've done better."

Are you glad you went to university?

"Yeah, I'm glad. Richey was a fantastic student but I wasn't really. By the second year people thought I'd actually left because I didn't turn up. I never ever went to the college bars and did any of that socialising thing. I was convinced we were going to be famous by then, anyway, uncontrollably convinced – didn't matter how much money we owed or anything. Hence spending it all on fruit machines. It was coming. I knew it was going to be."

Are all students wankers?

"No, they just need a good PR. But I think it's disgusting that any Tom, Dick or Harry can go to university now, fucking unbelievable There's hardly any importance now to getting a degree 'cos they're so easy to get. You just swot for three years and never use your own initiative. It should be about using your own brain. University has become a lie! And all these graduates end up teaching; more teachers teaching people nothing to get no jobs. Outrageous."