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Wire Pulls Manics Back To The 'port - South Wales Argus, 16th July 2008

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Title: Wire Pulls Manics Back To The 'port
Publication: South Wales Argus
Date: Wednesday 16th July 2008
Writer: Ailsa Chalk

The Manic Street Preachers are coming home to Gwent for a special gig.

The Blackwood band is currently on tour and announced today they will play Newport Centre at the end of August.

It will be a warm-up for the band headlining the Reading and Leeds Festivals the following weekend.

Lead singer James Dean Bradfield said the band was really looking forward to coming back to Newport for their first gig there in 11 years - and it's all thanks to bassist Nicky Wire who now lives in the city.

He said: "We did a Reading warm-up at the Newport Centre in 1997. Nicky Wire is a Newport boy, so he's always nagging us to come back. He reminded us of how good the '97 gig was and he just really wanted to do it.

"The thing we find usually is that people who have been coming to our concerts since 1990, usually end up coming to our gigs in Cardiff and Newport.

"To play in front of those people again, it's a feeling you can't quite explain. I always find it's more pressure when you play at home and we are the kind of band that responds to that pressure."

Mr Bradfield and his fellow band members used to go to the centre to see bands such as The Black Crowes and The Smiths, as well as going to gigs at other venues in the city, including the Stow Hill Labour Club and El Seico's.

After playing arena gigs for seven years, the band's past couple of tours have been in theatres.

Mr Bradfield said after "Send Away The Tigers" was released last year, the band wanted to play places they had not been to before and have since played in Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Poland.

The Newport Centre may not be a new venue, but Mr Bradfield said: "We haven't played it for 10 years, so for me it feels new enough again to be exciting."