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What Is The Musicians' Occupational Disease? - YleX, 7th May 2014

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Title: What Is The Musicians' Occupational Disease?
Publication: YleX
Date: Wednesday 7th May 2014
Writer: Timo Launonen

Img 9963 netti2.jpg

Musicians always asked the same questions. YleX special interview with Finland on Wednesday, Manic Street Preachers Concerto for Sean Moore got to meet one of the other completely.

YleX met with the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers drummer Sean Moore before the band's gig in Helsinki. We asked the man eleven issues between heaven and earth. This is what he said.

Why is there a red dragon on the Welsh flag?

It is the royal Tudor insignia. The dragon has always been on the flag and it symbolises Wales.

How will the Finnish ice hockey team fare in this spring's world championship games?

As far as I know, the strong teams are USA, Canada, and Russia. Swedes are good too. You can be in the top five, maybe in the top six. Finland is a small country, but I'm sure the players are as skillful as in the bigger countries.

What is the best pick-up line?

"Hello" is a pretty good start for a conversation. After the greeting you should introduce yourself, and after that things may go well. This is a good and polite way, especially if you do not know the person beforehand.

On your album out in July, there is a song called Sex, Power, Love And Money. Which of those do you have the most?

Probably money. Admittedly, I spend the money as quickly as possible, because I don't give a damn. So, I don't have money either, but I don't care.

What is the musicians' occupational disease?

Drugs and alcohol. It's probably about to change, as many musicians today are drinking fruit smoothies and go to the gym instead of bars.

Is Pharrell Williams a vampire?

Vampires do not exist. I think Pharrell takes care of himself and uses the right skin care products. Or gets blood transfusions from younger people.

What piece of advice you should have been given in the early stages of your career?

Manage your finances well and hold onto your values. We could've finished after the third album, but we feel that we still have a lot to offer musically.

Manic Street Preachers did a cover version of Rihanna's Umbrella song in 2006. Which of her songs are you going to cover next?

To be honest, I do not listen to Rihanna much, so I guess that one song is enough. Maybe we'll cover David Guetta or Avicii one day

Will Manic Street Preachers publish a boy calendar one day?

It would not sell very well. I don't think that it would even get through the production phase in all its awfulness.

Facebook or Twitter?

I don't like either of them, but if I had to choose one, I'd say Facebook. I shy away from social interaction both online and face to face. I will always remember Myspace, where all users were automatically followed by the company's founder Tom. I tried to remove him from the buddy list.

What has been the strangest small talk moment of your life?

This has been quite strange. On the other hand all conversations are strange to me.