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Webchat: Manic Street Preachers - MTV/Yahoo UK, 26th March 2001

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Title: Webchat: Manic Street Preachers
Publication: MTV/Yahoo UK
Date: Monday 26th March 2001


uk_ireland_chat_host: This is a phenominal chat event for us - one of the HUGEST events to date!
uk_ireland_chat_host: Thanks for logging in early
uk_ireland_chat_host: The chat will begin around 13:30 GMT, so in the next 15 mins...
uk_ireland_chat_host: 5 mins to go chatters ;-)
uk_ireland_chat_host: OK guys, Sean, Nicky & James are here - so lets get started!;-)

nickywire_uk: What is the sample from Ocean Spray taken from and why?
live_chat_james: its a voice from a long standing photographer
live_chat_james: he is saying "eyes so beautiful"
live_chat_james: its something optimistic
live_chat_nicky: It was my idea anyway!

wireless_bradders: Will you be playing songs from the holy bible and gold against the soul at upcoming gigs?
live_chat_nicky: Yes!
live_chat_nicky: We always play a lot from our back catalog...

pauledwards29: what was it like doing a concert in cuba
live_chat_james: we have talked ourselves out of it
live_chat_james: to be honest
live_chat_james: it was a great experience
live_chat_james: we were playing without people knowing our songs
live_chat_james: it was the first time in our lives that we could get a point across
live_chat_james: about music and songs

wireless_bradders: What are your favourite songs from the new album?
live_chat_nicky: Freedom of speech would be my favourite ....
live_chat_nicky: My Guernica as well
live_chat_nicky: The first is quite politically incorrect!

slimshady1011uk: What was it like when you got your first number 1
live_chat_nicky: Very nice feeling - we were on our way to Belfast to do a concert....

asianhawk5con: any plans to do an acoustic album of current songs, mtv unplugged style?
live_chat_james: we have always wanted to do something in that vain
live_chat_james: we may not have enough time
live_chat_james: an unplugged thing maybe on the cards....

dcfender: What was your idea behind the Why So Sad video?
live_chat_nicky: Very confused ideas...
live_chat_nicky: Basically the idea of "California dream" gone wrong...
live_chat_nicky: The lyrics don't really fit the videos...!

wattam2000: what do u think of bands like papa roach, linkin park etc?
live_chat_nicky: Well... shite

chanel5ukuk: hi james, sean, and nicky! i love u! where do you see yourselves in 3 years time?
live_chat_james: really have not got a clue
live_chat_james: this is one of the hardest questions to answer
live_chat_james: maybe not on stage - but we have thought about that before
live_chat_james: i will be with my guitars
live_chat_james: nicky will be in his garden
live_chat_james: we have massive mood swings - so anything could happen!

adrianrowlands: which of the 6 albums are you most proud of?
live_chat_james: for me - everything must go, holy bible and this one
live_chat_nicky: I'd agree with that...
live_chat_james: stands together!
live_chat_nicky: I like gold against the soul - for the guitar solos!

angelbunni4eva: Does all your success scare you?
live_chat_james: No
live_chat_james: a lot of bands from our area get scared
live_chat_james: we have never been like that
live_chat_james: even if we fucked up - we don't care

petitefemme2002: why so sad is very different from the likes of the old manics . why the beach boys kinda feel?
live_chat_james: because we are all compulsive and influenced by so many
live_chat_james: it comes from a love of music

if_music_could_talk: james, mick jones is your guitar hero, have you ever met him? what did you/he say?
live_chat_james: he is one of my heros
live_chat_james: i've met him 3 times
live_chat_james: the first time - i asked him boring questio¬!
live_chat_james: ns
live_chat_james: he came to one of concerts and we talked about various records

live_chat_nicky: No!
live_chat_james: No none of us have any plans like that
live_chat_james: the album has only been out for a Week

eivindkjellevold: what do u think of napster ?
live_chat_nicky: I don;t care either way about it - no problem
live_chat_nicky: Not of my generation really..
live_chat_nicky: I find it boring !
live_chat_nicky: It's similar to when i was a child and used to take things off the radio

revolgrrrl: Have you had any interesting gifts from fans recently?
live_chat_james: erm, they have dried up at the moment
live_chat_james: i got some glitter in sweeden
live_chat_nicky: Foreign book - translated it English
live_chat_nicky: Japanese Noodles and stuff like that as well !

emmapeachy: Have you got anything special planned for next week's live shows?
live_chat_james: we did the cuba gig etc. and now we are looking forward to playing the new material
live_chat_james: nothing very special ;-)

heaths_a_pig: Have you ever considered doing a Clash-style "Pay no more than £10 for this album" deal?
live_chat_nicky: well if you go to Sainsburys you can get "know your enemy" for £9.99

everyyouandeveryme: James, can you translate what you say at the start of 'Ocean Spray'?
live_chat_james: no
live_chat_james: its japanese
live_chat_james: not welsh

whippers31: Who painted that painting on the cover and can it be seen somewhere in fullsize?
live_chat_james: see 1st question
live_chat_nicky: An artist called Nealle Howells
live_chat_nicky: It's a very big painting...
live_chat_nicky: And it's going to be in an exhibition during the next months

jamiesireland: Do you think that DJs, Boy-Bands, pop-acts etc. are ruining the charts?
live_chat_james: i don't mind some of them
live_chat_james: 10% is okay and the rest....well..... no so good

janosshh: is there any conflict between your marxistic ideas and the music business you're in?
live_chat_nicky: We know about that as soon as we signed for Sony
live_chat_nicky: And it's just gives you a bit of inspiration some times...
live_chat_james: as soon as we realised about sony - we looked at the clash
live_chat_james: they were also in the same situation
live_chat_james: No

suzi6662001: I think that the new album is a brilliant mix of the first five albums. Did you set out with this goal?
live_chat_james: we just wanted to re-hash the spotaneous nature of the "holy bible"
live_chat_nicky: The only thing you can say - most of the music we have learned
live_chat_nicky: is on this record...

destroywork: Did you see Top 10 guitar heroes on saturday night? would you agree with the line up?
live_chat_james: Yes i did
live_chat_james: and No - but really why????
live_chat_james: Jonny marsh should be higher up
live_chat_james: pretty bad program
live_chat_james: Jimmy page should have been number one
''Bold textlive_chat_james: and hendrix should have been 4
live_chat_james: and kick buddy off

youloveus2001: What do u prefer the DC01 or the DC01 Antartica Dyson?
live_chat_nicky: I am not a fan of the Antartica...
live_chat_nicky: DC04 is not too bad - but the 3 is not too good....

After_eight_mint: where do you get most of your inspiration from?
'live_chat_nicky: Everywhere!
live_chat_nicky: There is an overload in our culture - and that's what
live_chat_nicky: this album is about....
live_chat_nicky: Too much!
live_chat_nicky: For cricket to Castro ...

intravenousagnostic2001: Nicky, what position did you play when you had football trials?
live_chat_nicky: I can play anywhere!
live_chat_nicky: except goalkeeper...
live_chat_james: he like stands on the halfway line shouting with his hands on his hips
live_chat_james: he got told off for swearing

digimaxuk: What did you think about Anne Robinson saying she hated the Welsh?
live_chat_nicky: I think watchdog is the most sh**e program anyway...

jennybell_uk2000: James, was it your fave Les Paul Custom that you smashed recently?
live_chat_james: no it was not, i have about 4 of them and it was a bottom of the range one that i had

neil8968: what do you think of the current MSP fanzines?
live_chat_nicky: I think they are great...
live_chat_nicky: I find it harder to keep up with web site stuff...
live_chat_nicky: while they are more of my generation style's
live_chat_nicky: Very imaginative as well...

asianhawk5con: who says hello on the new record?
live_chat_james: at the end of the track
live_chat_james: i was doing a thing for the guys and the phone range
live_chat_james: so it was me

sickasasickdog: Do you have a favourite from Popstars, or are they a bit too chirpy?
live_chat_nicky: The Welsh boy is ok.....
live_chat_nicky: They are probalbly trying to say they are songwriters...
live_chat_james: there maybe some problems with the band

sheff62001: Stereophonics, are they good mates of yours?
live_chat_james: not really
live_chat_james: we don't really see them
live_chat_james: and we have nothing in common with them

katukna: Do you ever feel that all the junk peoples wrap around the manics is taking over the things that you are really trying to say?
live_chat_nicky: Sometimes
live_chat_nicky: All the bagagge that comes with us....
live_chat_nicky: Sometimes, there is so much hatred that it can get like that....

sickasasickdog: If when you are in your 60's you are offered a load of money to reform, will you ?
live_chat_james: erm, i think the anwser is.......
live_chat_james: NO
live_chat_james: if i get to 60 i will be so happy i will be on my lawn and drunk
live_chat_james: no not no!
live_chat_james: Bye fans - have fun thanks for chatting!
live_chat_nicky: Thanks for the questions everybody - bye bye!

uk_ireland_chat_host: Thanks guys!
uk_ireland_chat_host: Remember the Manics will be playing in Hamburg & Berlin in a couple of weeks time
uk_ireland_chat_host: They'll also be playing Smithfield in Dublin around the 3rd of April ;-)
uk_ireland_chat_host: You can find out full details of their gigs & loads of other info at their website: