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We Like Trips To Nowhere - iDNES, 22nd March 2001

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Title: We Like Trips To Nowhere
Publication: iDNES
Date: Thursday 22nd March 2001

Former generation terrorists, who in 1991 started with a guitar carving as a easy going. The luxury hotel Four Seasons walked in jeans and sneakers - one could say that the image of leftist millionaires, otherwise the darlings of the British public, was abandoned even in Prague. James Dean Bradfield, however, says that the group has nothing wrong.

I am sorry that do not start with music, but politics. It is hard because in your case, and at this moment to begin differently: People in our country do not understand that you played in February in Cuba in the Karl Marx Theater. It's like supporting the local mode. Why did you go there?
Imagine that we play in Lyon. Will anyone say that we support Le Pen? The idea of performing in Cuba attacked us when we were finishing their new album. In the lyrics of the new songs are references to Cuba. One of them was even appointed by Elian. We did not visit just politically. We admire the Cuban culture and we wanted to go there. We said why not to go somewhere where nobody knows us and where nobody could see our faces? And hardly anyone there about buying our plates . So we primarily took a trip into the unknown. We did not play at a walking ad for communism. We did not say: Cuba is an amazing country and Fidel is God. On the other hand, Cuba is probably the only country in the world that betrayed his own culture. I feel sick when I see in Cardiff, Wales on every corner MacDonald's restaurant. Then it's a relief to go to Cuba.

When you go to Cuba, so it forces you to think about America. You like Wim Wenders film about the authentic Cuban music Buena Vista Social Club? And what ever you have a relationship with the Caribbean culture?
Discovering it. Until recently we were more influenced by reggae, thanks to our relationship to the band The Clash. Maybe in the future we'll do some salsa. What you signed so that you hold just sort of political views? I come from a very poor area in Wales. We never vote for conservatives. The local people have a leftist political beliefs, but they are not Communists. Rather Labour. When I was fifteen, I went with us miners' strike. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had destroyed not only the mining industry but nearly all of Wales. I was affected by my family and the entire neighborhood. When a person sees something like that, it is the hit of a lifetime.

Do you think that we took from capitalism's wrong?
Sure, the Americans will invade and manage it for you using laptops ... Let the music. They say they reject his previous album This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours, which was perhaps of all best sellers. Why? When you shoot something new, from a distance it seems worse the previous board. We are perfectionists and we also lazy. When we have had success with the album Everything Must Go, we took the lull. Perhaps we too listen to the people around you. Plate This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours is as good as it could be, if we put more effort and with her ​​busier. And after the great success we have of ourselves frustrated - that from what happened to us. We became part of the establishment against which we have from the beginning acted. And we had to change it even at the price that we would lose some of their fans. The new album Know Your Enemy, we turned to our roots and at the same time we did it musically diverse.

You have not heard from her mysteriously lost guitarist James Richey?
Still nothing. Last time we saw him the day he disappeared. That was in 1995. Nothing else knows about it.