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We Admire Cuba, iDNES, 17th March 2001

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Title: We Admire Cuba
Publication: iDNES
Date: Saturday 17th March 2001

WEBCHAT: A number of questions related to their February concert in Havana. "In Cuba we played because we wanted to say that American imperialism is just as bad as communism," Moore replied to one of my readers iDNES.


Hi guys, I like your music a lot, do you plan a tour or a concert in the Czech Republic? Good luck. Marcela
Well, we hope that sometime in late September we go on a European tour.

(I wonder if questions are to be in English or Czech is allowed? =) Do you plan any meeting with Ivan Pilip (one of Fidel Castro's best "friends" =)? V.
In Cuba we played because we wanted to say that American imperialism is just as bad as communism.

Hi guys. I like your music, but i can not understand your idea of a concert for Fidel and his guys in Cuba ... Julie
We wanted to say that we admire Cuba considers that despite all the economic sanctions for 40 years can resist and harder. And we hope that eventually the regime will mitigate and eventually everything will improve.

Hi Manics, you are my most favorite music group, do you know anything about your lost guitars Richey James? Radim
We do not know more than we did that day, when he was lost. We have no news about him.

Hi, you're great! I'd like you to share with us your best drug experience ;-))) tomasv
When I have a headache, I'll take two ibuprofen and my head stops hurting, it is my experience.

Well, I understand that on the contrary, your ideals, but just do not understand the recent support of the Castro regime, because Castro's regime was long merely a totality with the original idea of "island intellectuals" or "island of freedom" has nothing in common. And one more question, what do you think would have happened if in 1967 Che was shot, but he would be deported to the USA, where he was at that time very popular. PS: Vydeoklip with soldiers fighting among lots of children is very good and eloquent. Che
The first part of the question we have already answered. I think that if he left Che went to America, ended the same way as they took care of him by the CIA.

Guys, you know that Fidel Castro, whom you played with such enthusiasm, prisoners are people just for what you mean? And you know that the same thing was possible here, before you 12 years ago? Would you go even play Saddam Hussein or Kim - Cong - iLove? Seat of
Czechoslovakia but was occupied by Russia, which is the same as Cuba, which is occupied by the US. We believe that freedom of expression can be dangerous because they allow fanatics to express and convey their views to the world. For Hussein, we would not, because Hussein wants occupy other countries, but Castro nay.

Hi. Communism is a bad thing and those who lived in it, it's hard to understand. Be a fan of communism do not know if you, or rather against Americanization. Anyway edges for Fidel was on my damn vkuz politicized and everything sounded like that Fidel is a really nice guy. Into the hall to get nesjpis only the regime of povileni? Otherwise, good luck, because the music does a great couple of years. Coold
The concert was open to everyone. In the history of every young nation things happen, he must not pretty, but Cuba is fighting for independence for America nearly 200 years, but when America is economically blocks, only one of them was willing to trade unfortunately was the Soviet Union. Cuba in the seventies decided not to directly communist, but socialist, which in England is significantly different dates.

What do you say to boom copying music over the Internet in recent times? Tim feels to be damaged, or the file Be a fan on the contrary, I see a future here, etc.? Peter
When I was young, so of course I recorded all the stuff on the radio, so I am not in principle against copying, but that, as technology develops, the whole thing gets another dimension. Now it seems that they'll soon were not any artists, because they get money and do not have the money nor the record companies to invest in new music.

I listen to you since 1990. You're the best band in the world. thank you. Question: Are you planning any selection of b-side single or something? Older singles are unobtainable. A concert in Bohemia ?? Thanks again Radek
We plan Greatest hits album. We planned a B-sides album, but the record company refused. If Napster will continue to work, maybe we will offer the idea.

I love you. Do you love Fidel ??? I do not, I am sorry. JOSEF
Fortunately, we have the free world.

What are the keys you use? Spiral into analog? Thanks. Which kind of keyboards equipment do you use for your gigs? Do you record on analogue system? thanks. Martin Lán
We record all the guitars and drums especially analog, and then everything is converted to digital. As for the keys, we mainly use samplers Kurzweill and control midiklávesy.

Hi Manics. I like your music. Your concert for Cuba was just great. Do you like Buena Vista Social Club and Carribean music? And (obligative), any concert in Prague? Pimpulin
In connection with the visit Cuba discovering Caribbean music. By now we were rather influenced by reggae thanks to our relationship to the Clash. Maybe in the future we'll do some salsa.

Hi, do you like Prague? Will you have a concert here? I Hope that you will. Raven
It is beautiful, and we hope that in September will arrive in October for a concert and we hope that we can at least take a moment to explore the city better.