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Trump Is Interesting - Aftonbladet, 22nd April 2016

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Title: Trump Is Interesting
Publication: Aftonbladet
Date: Friday 22nd April 2016
Writer: Linn Elmerivik

Translated from Swedish

They were one of the world's most notable political bands. Today, the Manic Street Preachers take care not to engage in the debate, because they no longer know where they stand.I want to be as interested as I was, but the air has gone out of politics, says James Dean Bradfield.

Politics has permeated Manic Street Preachers lyrics since its inception in 1986. The Welsh band has sung out anti-racist message, criticised conservative politicians on the right and talked about putting down the music and instead start a party.

This year marks "Manics '" 20th anniversary of the hit album "Everything Must Go" with a tour. But they are no longer the angry activists they once were. "Before we felt us qualified to have an opinion, to write a song about it and be okay with if people disagreed with us. It is a strange, confusing time now. It's hard to write a song about being confused," said guitarist and singer James Dean Bradfield on the phone from the Studio in London.

"The left and right have died"

He sets out, among other things, on the current acute refugee crisis in Europe. In view of all the conflicts around the world, it is difficult to focus on the internal policy. It has become more difficult to ask clear questions and get clear answers. The left and right have died. Before I at least knew which side I was on, "he said.

How do you think your country is handling the crisis?

I do not know. For the first time in my life, I have no answer to that question. It is terrible. I don't feel qualified to talk about it; I feel paralyzed. Perhaps it is because I have become older, but I don't think so. Instead, consider James Dean Bradfield political debates on hold. Campaigns in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election are some of them. "Of course one can laugh at it, but it's very exciting. It will stand between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump and it's like a horror movie that you just have to go and see, "he said.

"Stupid if you compare"

But contrary to what many might think is Bradfield not significantly concerned about Trump's success. "You may be bothered by Trump but it is also interesting. You are stupid if you compare the United States with Europe and the UK. We share the English language, and interest in popular culture but it's a completely different country and we cannot judge them. Even if we can't understand them, we can not judge them."

On 22 April reaches Manic Street Preachers Jubilee Tour the brewery in Stockholm. James Dean Bradfield has a clear picture of what awaits him there. "On the surface, it is order in Sweden but as soon as you get to know a Swede, you notice that you are passionate and dramatic. I would not like to meet a Swede at poker".