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To See A Friend In Tears

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The Great Western.jpg
Name To See A Friend In Tears
Album/Single The Great Western
Length 3:39
Type Album Track, Cover (Jacques Brel)
First Live Performance 4th October 2006
Recorded Stir Studios, Cardiff 2006
Released 24th July 2006
Producer Greg Haver
Chart Position


So men are still at war in this land
For certain songs and certain dates
The tender gave way to the firebrand
And Europe gave way to the States

So now that money is all but scentless
Noses and consciences are clear
The pointless flowers can be dispensed with
To see a friend in tears

So our defeats are just reminders
Of death that waits behind it all
The body wilts before the mind does
Surprised to see how soon it falls

It's true our women have decieved us
All hunted species disappear
It's true we've shot the golden eagles
To see a friend in tears

It's true our cities are exhausted
Made by and for the middle aged
Our weakness gave them more than force did
We thought that love could cure a toothache

And in the underground we're drowning
Accelerating through the years
You think you'll find the truth by frowning
To see a friend in tears

It's true our mirrors don't show heroes
We lack the courage to be Jews
Without the elegance of Africa
With our youthful fireworks all diffused

And all these men who are our brothers
Wonder why we don't want to hear
How their worst enemies are their lovers
To see a friend in tears