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Three Weeks In New York With The Manics -, 20th November 2003

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Title: Three Weeks In New York With The Manics
Date: Thursday 20th November 2003
Writer: Tony Visconti

We met as a group in London on September 4th. James Bradfield and I had met two months earlier in New York to discuss the possibility of working together. Present at the September meeting were all the members of the group, James, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore, plus A&R man, Rob Stringer and the group's manager Martin Hall. I had lived with the six song demo CD for a few weeks and they were expecting my feedback. I pretty much liked all the songs and had two big favorites. We found ourselves very much in agreement and two songs were chosen as obvious singles at this meeting. We discussed recording philosophies and started to make plans for recording. Nicky said something about the nature of the songs being 'elegiac pop.' Immediately after the meeting I consulted a dictionary. About six weeks later recording commenced in New York.

In three weeks we've recorded five songs, although we only intended to record four. The sessions were very productive and enthusiastic. I think fans of the band will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn how accomplished the band was as musicians. James is a first class guitarist, Nicky has the chops of a Motown session bass player (and that's a big compliment from me) and Sean is as solid and inventive as drummers come, plus he has many hidden talents that I learned of -- he plays trumpet, sings back ups (on this batch he sings on almost every song) and he is a computer expert. Oh, and James' magnificent tenor voice is the loudest voice I have ever recorded.

Hopefully we will resume recording in February 2004.