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There Have Been Dark Times - HISS!G MUSIKKMAGASIN, 9th May 2014

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Title: There Have Been Dark Times
Date: Friday 9th May 2014

Tonight playing Manic Street Preachers at Rockefeller in Oslo. We caught up with the band before the concert and heard about how to survive in the music industry.

Manic Street Preachers was founded in 1986 but has never been lazy. The band released the latest album out in September 2013, releasing a new album: futurology 07 July. This weekend they play in Oslo, and we HISS! G were so lucky to meet one of the manic musicians.

Bassist and vocalist Nicky Wire takes on shades of what we get into. He is and looks like a rock star in his old age, and sounds like one. The band has been productive, providing soon released their second disc within one year. The more older you get, the more desperate you become to get her ideas down before they disappear. I think we have always been driven by ideas. One can always write a song, but if the idea is not there it works out vaneligvis not. Fortunately we had a lot of ideas this time, both musically and lyrically.

He says that even after over 25 years in the industry, there are still no success recipe, but it's about getting goosebumps. We are not exactly a recipe, but if it gives us a certain level of excitement we know that it is not so good. In the past we were more cynical and thought that we could write songs that catered to what everyone else did, or what others wanted. But now we know that it tends to be the songs that go bad. Now we are concerned that if we do not give ourselves goosebumps and pushes us, it disappears only.

Not only just being on tour as 40-year-old Bassist smiles and closes his eyes while talking, explaining that it is not only just being on tour when you have passed 40 years. It is much harder now. The body creaks, I do not sleep well, but the audience is perhaps better now than they were before. We have a very loyal fanbase and it's amazing to see people show up for all these wonderful cities. This year is difficult, my body is destroyed, knees, back, head, I do not mean to complain but I just do not know how we got here.

I'm not surprised that we even do this, but I'm surprised that people are still interested in us. Because we are the largest and have been both large and radar. It is fantastic that we can play a gig, and feel that we are 21 years "all over again." Until the song number three and you know you are getting old, he says, laughing.

Nicky says he has good memory and collects everything from airline tickets to hotel soaps from every place they've been to. Oslo is one of the cities have better recall. I remember Oslo good. It was the first time we left the UK as a band, and came over here to do a promo round and I still have the ticket from the Munch Museum. We first went there, and so had Richey one reindeer steak which we thought was absolutely wonderful and strange. It was cold and we loved the cold. It was the first time we went by plane as a band.

Got a tough upbringing as a rock band The band has had a hard childhood, and was characterized by both alcohol problems and the disappearance of the band member Richey Edwards, and bassist says that there were many times when they would give up. It was a tour where we went to Germany for four to five weeks in a small van that constantly destroyed and Richey drank lots and nothing happened. It was pretty awful, a "grim tour." But we have also had great moments where we're playing for 65,000 people and starting to think that maybe we should stop at the top.

Despite the loss of friend and bandmate Edwards, the band continued to produce music and has achieved great success in retrospect. Nicky says that he does not quite know how they have fared so long. I do not know, but I think it's because music is the only way we really get out what we feel. We always had family life separate from the band, which probably is one of the reasons we still hold together. We all have children and long marriage, so I think that when we make music the only time where we can actually be our nasty, cruel even. Sometimes good, sometimes dark, we remain quite normal outside it. I think Thurston Moore said that "the only way to leave Sonic Youth is by going to prison or dying." Sometimes it feels as if it would be the only way to leave this band.

He says that one gets on stage is only one version of the truth, and that reality is much more boring. At home, I love to clean, organize and maintain the garden, very mundane things. It is a kind of Andy Warhol thing, I like boring things and could well lived that life fully. But the scene is the extrovert in us comes out. I do not take drugs or drink anymore, unfortunately it can not, and the scene becomes the only place where I can be a different person. It's not fake, but a chance to dress up.

Finally, I ask rock star if he has any advice for musicians on the way up, and he smiles and laughs a bit before answering. I do not think it is a good idea for me to give any advice because I have fully been irresponsible and troublesome, and are not interested in the music half the time. All I can say is that it is important to create something that makes you excited. If you are not excited by your own music, you can not expect anyone else feel it.

And good hair, definitely. I'm a little old fashioned, he says, and drag your fingers through your hair. Keith Richards has never cut himself with someone other than themselves, and I have cut my own years since I was seventeen. I think it's the best tip to "great hair" cut yourself.