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The Young Do Not Take The Fight - Aftonbladet, 10th May 2014

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Title: The Young Do Not Take The Fight
Publication: Aftonbladet
Date: Saturday 10th May 2014
Writer: Anton Assarsson

Manic Street Preachers approaches 30 years as a band. Now they are raging against their younger colleagues. "There is no political commitment. Young bands do not seem to have taken on anything that's happening in the world" says band's drummer Sean Moore.

Tomorrow, Manic Street Preachers plays at Berns in Stockholm. There they promise a couple of surprises from the new album "Futurology" released on July 7th. But on the matter of what feels most urgent right now, the drummer Sean Moore takes the blade from his mouth.

"Today's young band lacks political commitment. In the wake of all wars, protests and the terrible things happening in the world, music can not just stop. The young gang does not seem to have touched on anything that's happening and how it affects them, their country or the world as a whole. There is no interest."

Are you bitter?
"No, but imagine the 1960s without the protest songs. Today, everything is about having fun and partying. One must try to find empathy or sympathy for the people around. The entertainment today is just about the individual."

Why is that a problem?
"It's a problem because there's no struggle with young people anymore. There is no one who stands up for anything. There is a huge mass that is not, or will, be aware of something. It's all about wifi and cappuccino. It's about shaking the butt and wearing as little clothes as possible. And at the same time focus on eight-year-old children."

Can not you take the political role?
"Somebody has to take over. The older guard will be retired one day and then we will be left empty, ineffective and sugarcapped without any sense with our contemporary. The music becomes a meaningless noise."