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The Return Of Enthusiasm And Self-Confidence - Wirtualna Polska, 27th October 2004

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Title: The Return Of Enthusiasm And Self-Confidence
Publication: Wirtualna Polska
Date: Wednesday 27th October 2004
Writer: Maciek Rychlicki

"Lifeblood" - is the title of the latest album Manic Street Preachers . Veteran British guitar scene are back with an album piloted by the hit single "The Love of Richard Nixon." The songs, the US elections and the situation in the band says Sean Moore, drummer Manics.

Your last album was a compilation of greatest hits Manic Street Preachers , therefore, the new album "Lifeblood" is like starting a new chapter in your history...
Taking into recording this album we did not have a specific idea of how it has to look like. We wanted to definitely burn something lighter, easier than the "Know Your Enemy" - our last studio album, which for many people was simply too difficult. For us too, we are looking at it from the perspective of now. We needed plates more melodic, at which to relax. However, when working in the studio every idea changed several times, it is taking shape. We are pleased with the results, though not to the end they were intended.

In interviews to the previous album, Nicky Wire he mentioned that he wanted to record an album in the style of "Nebraska" Bruce Sprinsteen, only in your release. Do you think that he succeeded?
He had the idea in the beginning, it's true, but later, during the first mixes plate with Tom Elmhirst, from whom she among other things, the last album Goldfrapp, it was already known that anything can bestow. It's good material that someone took no part in his birth and completely fresh approach gave it a whole new dimension, shape, how we ourselves would probably never came up.

During the formation of the songs Manics always words appear first. Was it this time?
And still it is. In 99.9% of our songs that words are the nucleus of a new song, and it was also the case with the new album.They arise from the same inspiration and also become an inspiration. Indirectly they show us a musical direction in which we should go when composing the songs. Nothing on this issue has changed with us for over 10 years.

Are there any new British bands to have you noticed?
In fact, the new British team are not so new. Such as Snow Patrol, who have already recorded several studio albums before they were spotted in front of a wider audience. We try to listen to as much music about which every now and then it gets loud, for example. Razorlight, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. All we give a chance.

And if someone else writes good lyrics now?
Frankly, not much. Artists tend to move more shallow and more comfortable for myself topics. They indulge themselves. And it is very unpleasant.

On the occasion of the disc greatest hits album also released their remixes, prepared by the most popular artists of electronic. Could this time the end of the remix?
It may be, remixes were always present even on the sides of our singles b compact and vinyl are often available only in the UK, hence the rest of the world could know them only as a bonus for the compilation "Forever Delayed". But because during sessions for the new album we recorded as many as 25 new compositions, and the disc went only 12, so it definitely will post them in the first place.

I ask a little curiously, because a single new song "The Love Of Richard Nixon 'song" Everything Will Be "produced by Andy Cato of Groove Armada...
Our manager takes care of the band Groove Armada, so Andy is our long-time friend. At the beginning of work on "Lifeblood" we offered him even its production, but was then very busy with their own projects and the idea fell a record they produced with Tony Visconti and Greg Haver. So as usual, because even if in the past, before our board scrolled such as David Holmes and Howard Grey with Apollo 440, it is always we had on it the ultimate impact.

Apparently, thanks to the work of Tony Visconti again, you are a team and not offended at each other you record solo projects... Do you think that Tony saved Manics?
In very simple words he made us realize that in fact it does not need it! He discovered in our levels of creativity, stimulated thinking. Thanks to the work with him returned to us enthusiasm and belief in their own abilities, armed with which they could take back the burden of recording the new album. We are glad that he was not afraid to tell us the truth.

Let's go back to the new album. Invented for the purpose of promoting its subtitle is "The soundtrack to disappointment, hatred, love and not giving up." You can develop this idea?
These are the words of Nick, who thus described the album as "Holly Bible" for the thirty-year olds. How to find themselves being already outside the media attention, beyond the pale of society. How to face it and still be productive, creative. As Tony said, - you have to re-find his " good side and a place in the great wild world.

You mentioned the classic your album "Holly Bible." In November will be released on DVD the re-release. You can tell about what supplements will be extended?
Lots of interviews, live footage and no completely remastered sound. In total, it will release a three-disc, so will include a lot of attractions.

Your plate appears the day after the elections in the United States, so it is impossible not to ask you a question: Bush or Kerry? One of them deserves at all to win those elections?
It's a difficult question, because that usually wins the candidate who has more money. Whether he deserves it or not. We do not know too much about John Kerry'm, and it is said that it is better the devil you know is. A lot also depends on the media, until the first televised debate bet to win George Bush Jr., now I'm not so sure. This, as both candidates were also displayed in the middle of it was so diametric difference.

What tells your new single 'The Love Of Richard Nixon'?
One day I watched a movie "Nixon," with Anthony Hopkins in the lead role. Intrigued us the character of the title character, forever as a swindler and that will be remembered forever as a negative figure. While loved John F. Kennedy almost led to nuclear war, and vice versa - as was hated Reagan during his presidency, and after his death brings to his character as a good uncle of America. Bill Clinton ignored the problem of Rwanda, which killed several million people, of which few people are aware. It's quite ironic and unjust for people sometimes history. This song is a character study of Nixon and his image in the media.