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The Kerrang Challenge: Nicky Wire - Kerrang, 3rd August 1996

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Title: The Kerrang Challenge: Nicky Wire
Publication: Kerrang
Date: Saturday 3rd August 1996
Writer: Paul Elliott
Photos: David Wells

Kerrang030896 (1).jpg Kerrang030896 (2).jpg

The trivia quiz the stars love to hate

This week's contestants are...

Name: Nicky Wire
Occupation: Bassist/big mouth with the Manic Street Preachers
Specialist subject: Terrorvision, 1993 - 1996

1. Which is the longest river in the world?

Nicky: "I reckon it's either the Nile or the Amazon. Is it one of them?"
Kerrang!: Yes.
Nicky: "Ahh, you’ve got to give me that."
Kerrang!: Come on, make your choice.
Nicky: "I'd have to say the Nile."

2. Name four Bon Jovi albums.

Nicky: "Fuck me. 'Slippery When Wet'. The ‘Fahrenheit' one. 'These Days', is that the new one? And what's the good one? 'Keep The Faith'. I thought 'Keep The Faith' was a really clever comeback for them; when all the metal bands were really struggling, they came back strong. I wouldn't say they went alternative, but they really concentrated on their songs. They've outlasted everyone really."

3. Heathrow Airport is serviced by which underground line?

Nicky: "I wouldn't know that I haven't got a clue. What are We talking about, Waterloo and all that? l don't even know the names of any underground lines."

4. Name Barbara Windsor's character in 'EastEnders'.

Nicky: "Fucking hell, I haven't watched "EastEnders' for ages. I can't remember her fucking name. Dolly? Polly? Pam? Pat? Per...Pah... urr... No, I don't know."

5. Which three teams were relegated from the Premiership last season?

Nicky: "Man City, Bolton and QPR."

6. Which additional songs are on the CD single of the Manic Street Preachers' 'Motorcycle Emptiness'?

Nicky: "'Bored Out Of My Mind'? 'Crucifix Kiss' — live? And it's not Alice Cooper is it? 'Under My Wheels'?"

7. Who is the Foreign Secretary?

Nicky: "Mmm, who's got the job now? It’s not Douglas Hurd. Rifkind? It is Malcolm Rifkind, isn't it?"

8. What is the first book of the Old Testament?

Nicky: "I'm useless at the Bible. It's either Matthew or...No, it's not Matthew, is it? That's the New Testament. Oh. Genesis?"

9. Who played James Bond before Pierce Brosnan?

Nicky: "Timothy Dalton."

10. By which title is George Carey better known?

Nicky: "I don’t know. Is he an actor? I really don’t know."

11. What is Terrorvision's current album called?

Nicky: "'Regular Urban Survivors'!"

12. Spell 'Chechenia'

Nicky: "C-H-E-C-E-N-fuck knows-Y-A."

13. Which film recently won the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival?

Nicky: "That's the Mike Leigh thing, isn't it? 'Secrets And Lies'."

14. Convert 21 degrees Centigrade to Fahrenheit. We'll give you five degrees either side.

Nicky: "78'?"

15. Name the terrorist group who've been sending letter bombs and parcel bombs to branches of Barclays Bank over the past two years?

Nicky: "Fuck! What are they called? Not Reservoir Dogs, is it? It's a really good name. Something 'Man'. Is it? No, fuck it."

16. England cricket captain Mike Atherton plays for which county?

Nicky: "Lancashire."

17. Which rock star was christened Bill Bailey?

Nicky: "No idea."

18. What are the titles of playwright Dennis Potter's final two works, screened recently on the telly?

Nicky: "'Karaoke' and 'Cold Lazarus'."

19. Which county is known as The Garden Of England?

Nicky: "Kent."

20. Last season, the Raiders football team relocated from Los Angeles back to their original hometown. Where is it?

Nicky: "It's in Oakland. Sport ones I'm alright on."

21. Name Ash's last three singles.

Nicky: "'Oh Yeah', 'Goldfinger', 'Angel Interceptor'.Yeah, 'Kung Fu' was before them. They're so young, aren't they? And I couldn't believe how short he was. Ash's singer. He's a really handsome bloke, I think, but he's tiny! Good band."

22. Which Formula One team does Michael Schumacher race for?

Nicky: "Ferrari. You can ask me anything on sport, virtually anything. Ask me something on table tennis and I'd probably know it."
Kerrang!: Wire, you really should consider getting out more.

23. What kind of an animal is a yellowhammer?

Nicky: "A bird?"

24. Jimmy Smits and Dennis Frantz are the two lead characters in which cult Channel 4 series?

Nicky: "We don't get Channel 4. Is it comedy? American? 'NYPD Blue'? Process of elimination."

25. Which band played at Donington and Reading last year?

Nicky: "Wasn't Therapy?, was it? Terrorvision or The Wildhearts? One of those? Spinal Tap? Who could it be? Who headlined last year?"
Kerrang!: Metallica.
Nicky: "And it wasn't them. Kiss? Soundgarden? Stone Temple Pilots? Redd Kross? Yanks? Foo Fighters? Who the fuckk is it? It's driving me insane! Green Day! Rancid! Who else is there? I give up!"

How Nicky Wire scored

17 out of 25

The Verdict - A fine solo performance from the lanky Welsh hypochondriac. A few more questions about sport and he could've taken the title.