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The Kerrang Challenge: Nicky Wire - Kerrang, 3rd August 1996

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Title The Kerrang Challenge: Nicky Wire
Publication Kerrang
Date Saturday 3rd August 1996
Writer Paul Elliott
Photos David Wells


Kerrang030896 (1).jpg Kerrang030896 (2).jpg

The trivia quiz the stars love to hate

This week's contestants are...

Name: Nicky Wire
Occupation: Bassist/big mouth with the Manic Street Preachers
Specialist subject: Terrorvision, 1993 - 1996

1. Which is the longest river in the world?

Nicky: "I reckon it's either the Nile or the Amazon. Is it one of them?"
Kerrang!: Yes.
Nicky: "Ahh, you’ve got to give me that."
Kerrang!: Come on, make your choice.
Nicky: "I'd have to say the Nile."

2. Name four Bon Jovi albums.

Nicky: "Fuck me. 'Slippery When Wet'. The ‘Fahrenheit' one. 'These Days', is that the new one? And what's the good one? 'Keep The Faith'. I thought 'Keep The Faith' was a really clever comeback for them; when all the metal bands were really struggling, they came back strong. I wouldn't say they went alternative, but they really concentrated on their songs. They've outlasted everyone really."

3. Heathrow Airport is serviced by which underground line?

Nicky: "I wouldn't know that I haven't got a clue. What are We talking about, Waterloo and all that? l don't even know the names of any underground lines."

4. Name Barbara Windsor's character in 'EastEnders'.

Nicky: "Fucking hell, I haven't watched "EastEnders' for ages. I can't remember her fucking name. Dolly? Polly? Pam? Pat? Per...Pah... urr... No, I don't know."

5. Which three teams were relegated from the Premiership last season?

Nicky: "Man City, Bolton and QPR."

6. Which additional songs are on the CD single of the Manic Street Preachers' 'Motorcycle Emptiness'?

Nicky: "'Bored Out Of My Mind'? 'Crucifix Kiss' — live? And it's not Alice Cooper is it? 'Under My Wheels'?"

7. Who is the Foreign Secretary?

Nicky: "Mmm, who's got the job now? It’s not Douglas Hurd. Rifkind? It is Malcolm Rifkind, isn't it?"

8. What is the first book of the Old Testament?

Nicky: "I'm useless at the Bible. It's either Matthew or...No, it's not Matthew, is it? That's the New Testament. Oh. Genesis?"

9. Who played James Bond before Pierce Brosnan?

Nicky: "Timothy Dalton."

10. By which title is George Carey better known?

Nicky: "I don’t know. Is he an actor? I really don’t know."

11. What is Terrorvision's current album called?

Nicky: "'Regular Urban Survivors'!"

12. Spell 'Chechenia'

Nicky: "C-H-E-C-E-N-fuck knows-Y-A."

13. Which film recently won the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival?

Nicky: "That's the Mike Leigh thing, isn't it? 'Secrets And Lies'."

14. Convert 21 degrees Centigrade to Fahrenheit. We'll give you five degrees either side.

Nicky: "78'?"

15. Name the terrorist group who've been sending letter bombs and parcel bombs to branches of Barclays Bank over the past two years?

Nicky: "Fuck! What are they called? Not Reservoir Dogs, is it? It's a really good name. Something 'Man'. Is it? No, fuck it."

16. England cricket captain Mike Atherton plays for which county?

Nicky: "Lancashire."

17. Which rock star was christened Bill Bailey?

Nicky: "No idea."

18. What are the titles of playwright Dennis Potter's final two works, screened recently on the telly?

Nicky: "'Karaoke' and 'Cold Lazarus'."

19. Which county is known as The Garden Of England?

Nicky: "Kent."

20. Last season, the Raiders football team relocated from Los Angeles back to their original hometown. Where is it?

Nicky: "It's in Oakland. Sport ones I'm alright on."

21. Name Ash's last three singles.

Nicky: "'Oh Yeah', 'Goldfinger', 'Angel Interceptor'.Yeah, 'Kung Fu' was before them. They're so young, aren't they? And I couldn't believe how short he was. Ash's singer. He's a really handsome bloke, I think, but he's tiny! Good band."

22. Which Formula One team does Michael Schumacher race for?

Nicky: "Ferrari. You can ask me anything on sport, virtually anything. Ask me something on table tennis and I'd probably know it."
Kerrang!: Wire, you really should consider getting out more.

23. What kind of an animal is a yellowhammer?

Nicky: "A bird?"

24. Jimmy Smits and Dennis Frantz are the two lead characters in which cult Channel 4 series?

Nicky: "We don't get Channel 4. Is it comedy? American? 'NYPD Blue'? Process of elimination."

25. Which band played at Donington and Reading last year?

Nicky: "Wasn't Therapy?, was it? Terrorvision or The Wildhearts? One of those? Spinal Tap? Who could it be? Who headlined last year?"
Kerrang!: Metallica.
Nicky: "And it wasn't them. Kiss? Soundgarden? Stone Temple Pilots? Redd Kross? Yanks? Foo Fighters? Who the fuckk is it? It's driving me insane! Green Day! Rancid! Who else is there? I give up!"

How Nicky Wire scored

17 out of 25

The Verdict - A fine solo performance from the lanky Welsh hypochondriac. A few more questions about sport and he could've taken the title.