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The Gospel According To The Preachers - South Wales Echo, 7th February 1992

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Title: The Gospel According To The Preachers
Publication: South Wales Echo
Date: Friday 7th February 1992
Writer: Steve Duffy


Guitarist Richey of Blackwood's own Manic Street Preachers took his turn on Primetime's metaphorical psychiatrist's couch to answer for some razor-sharp questions.

After months of hype and headlines, the band are now '4 real', releasing their long-awaited double debut LP for Sony on Monday, Generation Terrorist.

Their new single You Love Us is soaring up the charts, after their appearance on Top Of The Pops. They also play at the University Union, Cardiff on February 17.

Earliest memory?

My dad putting coal on the fire.

First record bought?

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

Most miserable place visited?

Paris, we spent two days travelling, it was a bad concert, we didn't see any of the sights and were ill in our rooms.

Favourite comedian?

I don't have any, but I quite like Tony Hancock.

Best LP of last year:

Use Your Illusion - Guns 'N' Roses

What's behind your new song Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds?

It's like when we didn't have any money and I went £23 overdrawn, they stopped everything, but as soon as we got a massive signing on fee from Sony, we paid in the cheques and they wrote back telling us about financial advisers.

Most beautiful experience?

Rock 'n' roll.

Freddie Mercury?

A star.

Status Quo?

Not quite stars.

Public Enemy?

The most intense band we've ever known.

Worst baggy bands?

All of them.

Would you ever wear a Ned's Atomic Dustbin T-shirt?


Most unfair thing said about you?

That we're a punk band.

What last made you laugh?

Question Time on BBC1 last Thursday.