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Terrible Beauty Question Time: James, Nicky & Sean - Terrible Beauty Fanzine, April 2000

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Title: Terrible Beauty Question Time: James, Nicky & Sean
Publication: Terrible Beauty Fanzine
Date: April 2000

TerribleBeauty0400 (1).jpg TerribleBeauty0400 (2).jpg
TerribleBeauty0400 (3).jpg TerribleBeauty0400 (4).jpg

Where were you at 11:11am on 11.8.99? (How dark did it go?)
Sean: North Wales, Portmerion Village, not very
James: In bed
Nick: West Wales, not very dark

Did you get to see much World Cup Rugby in person in the new stadium? How was the view from your box?
James: Saw three games. "We" haven't got a box - I crashed in somebody else's
Nick: Every game, great views, shit results
Sean: I saw the opening game against Argentina, Japan and the Australian quarter final from my debenture seat, quite good but it was a different sear every time

Can you describe the last dream you had (or the general nature of it if it's all a bit vague?)
Nick: I don't dream
James: - Sean: I don't remember

Have you ever done Jury Service? Would you like to? (If this see,s like an odd question it's cos I'm doing it next month...)
Sean: No, not really but it depends on what it's about
Nick: No, no
James: Never

When was the last time you got caught in the rain?
James: 1 week ago by the Sirhowy River
Sean: On my scooter about 6 week ago, totally drenched
Nick: Every day at home

Your favourite character in 'Phantom Menace'?
Sean: The Queen
Nick: Liam Neeson
James: Liam Neeson

Are you expecting problems to occur as a result of the much talked about Year 2K bug? Will you actually take any precautions?!
Nick: I cant think
Sean: None,no
James: -

Cheers for keeping ticket prices affordable + bar prices on 31st Dec - What are you likely to be drinking on the night?
James: Bottles of Heineken Export
Nick: Ribena (yeah right!)
Sean: Water, Diet Cole, Red Bull, Tea