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Stereophonics V Manics: Welsh War Of Words Hots Up - Melody Maker, 23rd October 1999

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Title: Stereophonics V Manics: Welsh War Of Words Hots Up
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: Saturday 23rd October 1999


Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers are carrying on with their recent tit-for-tat feud, with Kelly's heroes taking a swipe at Nicky Wire over their competing Millennium gigs.

The Manics announced their December 31 gig in a blaze of publicity, and Nicky Wire claimed the £30 price was a deliberate attempt to make it affordable to fans. He explained that the ticket price will mean the Manics will only break even if all 54,000 tickets are sold.

But Wire went on to criticise price of the Cream events on Millennium Eve in Cardiff and Liverpool, where Stereophonics are playing with Orbital, Lightning Seeds and Space.

Before their Netaid performance, Kelly Jones and Stuart Cable were questioned about Nicky Wire's anti-Cream comments. Asked why Stereophonics had not joined the Manics for the gig, Stuart Cable explained: "We weren't invited. They don't like us." Kelly Jones quickly added: "We're going to be playing in Liverpool and now they [the Manics] have announced it, I hope it will be good."

Cable commented: "I was down in the stadium the other day and it looks very good." The band were then asked about Nicky Wire's comments that the Cream events over-priced. Cable replied: "That's just Nicky Wire being Nicky Wire. For a man who wears a dress onstage, it's pretty pathetic"

Kelly Jones also cast doubt on the Manics' claim that they will be playing a non-profit making gig.

Jones commented: "Let's face it, anyone who is playing on New Year's Eve is doing it for the money. I know I am."

Both gigs are selling well. A spokesman for the Manics told The Maker; "The millennium gig is selling very quickly and we expect it to sell out soon."

Support bands for the concert have still not been confirmed but Feeder are rumoured to be in the running; it is believed that they are keen to join the Manics for the show. Cream in Liverpool is also doing well and tlas doubled what Creamfields sold at the same stage.

Just as Manics have now returned from the USA and Canada, Stereophonics are now out there playing some of the same venues as them.

Jones said: "The tickets have sold out in Toronto so we're very happy. We're looking forward to going to Canada."

All me dates have now sold out. But planned support with The Black Crowes have been cancelled. Stereophonics will now play seven European dates with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A Stereophonics spokesman told The Maker: "The Black Crowes cancelled their tour because they have been on the road for 18 months and just couldn't do it.

Stereophonics are playing club dates but the venues are reasonable sizes. It's only their second US tour, still extremely early days."

The spokesman also denied a rift with the Manics. "Nicky Wire was not having a go at Stereophonics and they were not having pop as far as I know," he said.

He added that "Performance and Cocktails", recently released in the USA, was "all right'.

Kelly Jones also had a dig at George Michael before their own NetAid performance. The ex-Wham singer delayed his appearance onstage and then complained about the sound quality.

Jones complained: "With George Michael turning up late we won't have a set. We've been waiting around all day."