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  1. "A Lot Of Bands Would Gladly Change Places With Us" - Petőfi, 12th September 2011
  2. "A Lot Of It Is Just Sheer Fucking Dedication To The Cause Of The Manic Street Preachers" - Gigwise, 12th April 2018
  3. "All We Make Is Entertainment" - Overkillspoonman Blog, 19th October 2010
  4. "As Usual We're Just A Bunch Of Grumpy Old Men Who Find A Lot Of Things To Hate!" - worldpop, May 2001
  5. "Bad Feelings Never Diminish" - MOJO, October 2004
  6. "Clegg's Sold His Soul" - Wales On Sunday, 5th September 2010
  7. "Current Pop Is Depressing" - La Verdad, 18th October 2002
  8. "Forget The Brit Awards...We Want Our Son" - Daily Mail, 26th February 1997
  9. "Glastonbury's The Big One, It's The Daddy" - NME, 23rd June 2007
  10. "He's One Of The Few Artists That Makes You Realise You're Not As Good As You Think You Are" - Q Magazine, April 2016
  11. "I'd Like To Rock Again" - NME, 22nd February 2017
  12. "I'll Just Stay On The Bus Anyway" - Select, June 1999
  13. "I'm A Forty-Five-Year-Old Dad, I Can't Be Angry Anymore!" - Player, 17th September 2014
  14. "I'm Almost Embarrassed At My Age To Be As Angry As I Am" - NME, 18th September, 2010
  15. "I'm Glad I'm Not In An Institution" - Aftonbladet, 24th May 1996
  16. "I'm Happy To Be A Fool" - Q Magazine, October 2001
  17. "I'm Not The Overrated Bricklayer I Thought I Was" - Scottish Herald, 8th July 2006
  18. "I've Been Inspired By The New Arctic Monkeys Album" - NME, 25th June 2018
  19. "I've Had 22 Years Of Agony" - Daily Mirror, 17th April 2017
  20. "I Am Too Complicated To Have Two Faces" - Mariskal Rock, 26th August 2020
  21. "I Bewilder Myself With My Pettiness And Anger. It's Not Healthy" - Q Magazine, July 2011
  22. "I Can't Be Modest About It..." - MOJO, June 2016
  23. "I Can't Even Grieve For Him" - Grazia, July 2011
  24. "I Can Never Rest Until I've Found My Vanished Street Preacher" - The Sun, 23rd February 1999
  25. "I Can Remember Hearing Alex Turner Slag Off Take That And Nearly Losing It. I Went To Stand Up And James Grabbed Me By The Arm..." - The Western Mail, 20th August 2009
  26. "I Constantly Tape Cassettes To Play In My Walkman. Every Once In A While I Include Something By Hanoi Rocks", Soundi, March 2001
  27. "I Don't Care if Chemists Slaughter 10,000 Beagles" - Metal Hammer, June 1994
  28. "I Don't See That Passion Around These Days" - Manchester Evening News, 27th April 2018
  29. "I Don't Think Supporting Cuba Is Very Glamorous" - Rock & Folk, April 2001
  30. "I Feel Sorry For Bands Starting Out Now" - Wales On Sunday, 15th April 2018
  31. "I Found Myself Inventing My Own Little Stories About What Might Be Going On Inside The Houses" - The Western Mail, 3rd May 2013
  32. "I Like The Swedish Sound" - Aftonbladet, 16th June 2007
  33. "I May Never Know What Happened To My Brother Richey" - Wales On Sunday, 29th January 2012
  34. "I Mean, I Still Can't Figure Out Why We Went To Cuba" - Incendiary Magazine, 15th October 2006
  35. "I Really Hope That Everyone Makes Good Use Of The Building And Defines It...Just As The Memo Defined Their Ancestors" - The Western Mail, 25th July 2013
  36. "I Think About My Darling Brother Richey Every Day...It's Hell Not Knowing If He's Alive Or Dead" - Daily Mirror, 5th September 1998
  37. "I Think That Our Music Has A Positive Melancholy" - Cookie Scene, September 2010
  38. "I Think The New Album Will Have A Melancholy Feel, Like The Rain Falling In Tokyo" - Crossbeat, November 1997
  39. "I Think We've All Tried To Deny It At Some Point, But Being Unhappy And Dissatisfied Is Part Of Our Make-Up" - Volume, Autumn 1994
  40. "I Want To Become A Proper Singer For The First Time In My Life, I Wanted To Sing Every Word Properly. You Want To Express The True Intent Of The Song Purely" - Crossbeat, September 1998
  41. "I Wanted To Phone Everyone And Tell Them We Were Number One. But Then I Realised I Didn't Have Any Friends" - Melody Maker, 19th September 1998
  42. "I Wanted To Treat It Like The Clash Playing ABBA..." -, 15th September 2021
  43. "I Was Trying To Get Optimism Through My Love Of Other People, Rather Than Hatred Of Myself" - Q Magazine, February 2018
  44. "I Was Wracked With Nerves!" - NME, 3rd June 2006
  45. "I Won't Give Up Hope That One Day Richey Will Come Home" - Sunday Mirror, 13th February 2000
  46. "I Won't Kill Off The Manics" - Sunday Mail, 16th July 2006
  47. "If This Album Doesn't Make Us Or Our Audience Happy, Then Perhaps We Should Call It A Day" - The Western Mail, 4th May 2007
  48. "If We'd Sold, And Even To This Day, If We Ever Achieve Selling 16 Million Albums, Then Yeah, I'd Hang Up My Gloves And My Sticks, Job Done. So That Still Irks Us, Still Annoys Us That We Haven't Got To That Landmark!" - Rhythm, June 2016
  49. "If We Hadn't Got Richey Help He Might Have Tried To Kill Himself" - Select, October 1994
  50. "If You Hate Us Why Do You Like Placebo?" - INROCK, April 1999

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