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Shock And Awe As Manic Nicky Makes More Time For Fans - South Wales Echo, 26th September 2006

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Title: Shock And Awe As Manic Nicky Makes More Time For Fans
Publication: South Wales Echo
Date: Tuesday 26th September 2006

Manic Street Preachers bassist Nicky Wire had no time to speak to reporters during the signing of his first solo album - because he wanted to spend more time with his loyal fans.

The star was promoting I Killed The Zeitgeist, which was released yesterday, at Virgin Megastore in Cardiff.

But in true rock n' roll style, Wales' most celebrated glamourpuss punk-rocker refused at the last minute to give interviews to the local media, choosing instead to talk to the people who turned up to see him.

Many of the 100-strong crowd had dressed specially for their idol - lots of girls were wearing glittering outfits and make-up and some people had even made their own T-shirts in homage to the star.

Cardiff University student and fellow guitarist Josh Morris, of University Hall, said he was in awe after meeting his hero. He said the Manics had inspired him to get into music and start his band, New Art Riot. 'It was amazing to meet him,' said Josh. 'He signed my video of Design for Life and I gave him a copy of my CD for him to listen to.

'I'm a bit spaced out now. I feel really happy.'

Bethan Garwood, of Harriet Street, Cathays, Cardiff, said she had been a fan of the group since she was 13 and said she was looking forward to listening to Nicky's solo work. 'It was really nice chatting to him,' said the 21-year-old student. 'I'm a bit over-excited now though.'