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Sean Moore Questionnaire - AlienatedZine, August 2003

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Title: Sean Moore Questionnaire
Publication: AlienatedZine
Date: August 2003

Have you ever been to watch an F1 race live? What was the experience like?
Montreal, Canada. Spa, Belgium. Hockenheim, Germany. Greatest sporting event ever.

Do you watch the races on ITV? Have you ever had a ride in a race car?
Yes two seater Minardi with former F1 driver Tarso Marques.

How fast did you go?
180 mph+

Do you drive a BMW M3 SMG because it has F1 style controls?!
Yes but it was too easy so now I have a Lotus 111S

What do you think of Ralf Schumacher?
And finally he's good but not good enough.

I know you said you'd never sing on a track, but there are quite a few pictures of you playing guitar. Would you ever play guitar on a future recording? I know you write songs on guitar, but will we ever get to hear your talents, especially with the new album having a more acoustic feel to it.
Probably not. Time = money and I'd rather concentrate on playing drums properly first.

As you're recording the new album in America, what else are you planning to do while you're there? Is there anywhere in America you'd like to visit if you get time?
Go to a gun range to meet some of those NRA members in Michael Moore's Bowling For Columbine.

As well as being Dad to Matilda what do you spend your spare time doing these days? Bring us up to date on the world of Sean Moore. What have you been watching on TV, what music have you been listening to?
Driving my Lotus pretty much watch everything worthwhile. As music goes not much, nothing inspires these days, must be getting more cynical.

[since he did this questionnaire, he's had Nicky trapped in his Lotus playing Queens Of The Stone Age at him, as Nicky testified on MTV2]

What question do you wish journalists would ask you and what's the answer?
Do you think journalists are qualified to judge music as most have never been involved in the writing process and would they accept marks out of 10 for their efforts, probably not.

People are often never quite sure what you do in the band. We know that Nicky gives the lyrics to James for him to work with, but how does your contribution come about? Does James come up with a basic tune and then you add parts to it? Have you ever written most of the music for one of your songs [I know you wrote some of the songs on the GATS album]
Pretty much an organic process but every song is different.

I think there's a positive side to the internet [readily available information on anything you want] but the negative side often spoils it [internet trolls, viruses etc] What don't you enjoy about it [I hate it when you visit a site that has millions of pop up adverts]
Looking at misinformation. It is truly an evil thing.

Obligatory question about Richey... In many of your interviews I get the feeling you don't understand why he went, or why he continues to stay away [for the main reason that it's hurting his family] I know it's private to you but can you ever accept or understand what he did, in the same way that Nicky has [i.e. whatever he did it was his decision and what he wanted to do] If I was an interviewer I wouldn't ask about Richey for fear of getting the Sean Moore death look [!!] but I'm genuinely interested.
Without question we've always accepted his decision for what action he took.

Anything you can tell us about the new album? It will have the Sean Moore trademark drums on it, won't it?! [when I heard it was going to be acoustic I did wonder] And thanks for taking the time to answer this questionnaire. Good Luck with the new album [and getting into America...]
Not really sure what direction yet, still trying to find the magical X factor.