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Sean Moore Postal Interview - Seanzine, April 2001

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Title: Sean Moore Postal Interview
Publication: Seanzine
Date: April 2001

Seanzine2interview1.JPG Seanzine2interview2.JPG

Maybe she could ask Sean about how he got into scootering. Which scooters he currently owns, and why he chose those scooters - Gary xxx (Also a scooterist!)
Saw Quadraphenia when I was 12. Loved Ace and got fed up with catching the bus so I bought a Vespa ET4 for cruising and a Italjet Formula 125 Twin. That is been modified does 90mph+

Ok I have a question for Sean too. What does he really think of his fans. Dumb question but I really need to know! - Aoibhean
Eternally grateful

Does it ever scare you before you perform on stage? Ok, so that's highly unoriginal, but it's the best I can do! - Dlicker x/x/x
Scares me seeing Nick drink alcohol before we go on stage

What are your favourite songs on Know Your Enemy and can you tell us anything about your contribution to the recording...or anything you want to say about the album. I'm interested to hear about the making of the album, any interesting stories - Min (I know this question isn't very specific but I want to find out something I don't know...)
Ocean Spray
Baby Elian
So Why So Sad
Dave Eringa was pissing me off so I got in my car, drove off quite fast, came back into the studio, did it in one take and went home for a couple of days

We know you have a thing for shopping - have you visited the Trafford Centre in Manchester? If yes, what did you think of it? - Lyns
Not anymore, and the only time I went was pre-bombing so it didn't have much there

Last year I read that Cuba is not an ideal country for vegetarians to eat in - did you manage to find enough veggie food to eat?
I eat fish, I'm a vegaquarian

Why on earth have you been slagging off your lovely long hair - From every one of your horrified fans
It sticks to your face when you play and looks stupid when you wake first thing in the morning

What's the biggest misunderstanding that you feel people have about you?
Shorter in real life comments, people think I'm so big behind a drum kit

We've heard Nicky's 2 (I repeat TWO!) turns at lead vocals - when are you going to have a turn?
I'll stick to singing in the studio, doing backing vocals