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Rockfile: Richey Edwards - Rock Power, 16th July 1992

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Title: Rockfile: Richey Edwards
Publication: Rock Power
Date: 16th July 1992
Writer: Richey Edwards


RICHEY MANIC reveals his likes and dislikes in bed, and tells us the length of his todger... Well, that's not strictly true

Full name

Richard James Edwards

Current occupation

Rhythm guitarist

Previous occupations

Student at Swansea University, studying Political History

Favourite Manics track

'Condemned To Rock ‘N' Roll'

Least favourite Manics track

‘Methadone Pretty'

Favourite item of clothing

White jeans, Rosco £19.99

What brand of eye liner do you use


Describe your bedroom

Big, clean, nothing on the walls except a photo of Kate Moss who's a model. I've never met her, but she's got a lovely moon fac, with big dark brown eyes. She's kind of an ideal woman.

What luxury item do you spend the most money on

Sega games! Sonic is my fave, but at the moment I'm playing a lot of Decap Attack and Kid Chameleon

Favourite cocktail

B-52: a lethal mix of the four white spirits

Stupidest thing done while drunk When I was 13 I jumped off a wall and got run over, got my leg broken in three places and was in hospital for two days

Ideal night in

Listening to music and reading. At the moment I'm reading No Longer Human by Osamudazai, a Japanese writer

Which animal do you most identify with

My dog, a springer spaniel called Snoop. We grew up together and he's just like me. He hangs around by the mantelpiece all day and doesn't do a lot

Which living person do you most admire

Chuck D, from Public Enemy. They are the only band who have remained good through a series of LPs, without doing anything shitty. A lot of bands that we respect, such as The Clash, have gone through a really dodgy phase. Chuck D has just got better. The first LP is very misogynist, which is shit in itself, but if we didn't like bands for that reason we wouldn't buy any records at all The Rolling Stones have obscene aspects but I still like them.

Most interesting sexual experience

None, I haven't found sex much of a big deal. I didn't sleep with anyone until I was 21 through choice

Would you consider plastic surgery

No, Tom Jones is living proof that it doesn't work.

Favourite films

Rumblefish, The Treasure of Sierra Madre, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, Sunset Boulevard, Quadrophenia, Dumbo and Sleeping Beauty Desert island discs The Clash's first LP, The Rolling Stones' Exile On Main Street'

Favourite TV programmes

GBH, an Alan Bleasdale series which was on Channel 4, but my favourite ever was Johnny Jarvis which was on BBC1 when I was 15. I also liked Tim Roth in Made In Britain, a play about Trevor the skinhead and in an adaption of Metamorphosis

Favourite lost cause

Democracy. The election was a real disappointment, but we expected the result. At the time we were in Europe, so we saw it on satellite TV in the hotel and stayed up all night. All the crew, who were a lot older than us, believed that Labour would get in but we were cynical