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Rock 'N' Roll Revolution & Fidel Castro - Rada7, 14th April 2016

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Title: Rock 'N' Roll Revolution & Fidel Castro
Publication: Rada7
Date: Thursday 14th April 2016
Writer: Ivo Kiviorg

Translated from Estonian

Manic Street Preachers celebrates this year his album, "Everything Must Go" for its 20th anniversary and will give the concert on Monday, April 18, Tallinn, Nordea Concert Hall. An upcoming concert, the band managed to get a telephone connection drummer Sean Moore 'each, a biography of the band who are supposed to be in the book, although Manicsi "musical Tugging", but the band's most sõnaahtram man. However, continued to talk, and then laid the interview went over smoothly. Missing guitars did not ask help from, though, right? Happy reading!

Hello, Mr. Moore! How are you, how is the weather?

Hello Hello. I am currently in Paris, so a change to a pleasantly dry and sunny. How to Tallinn?

Who is still cold, but I hope that the product of spring along.

Who knows, who knows. Although, I really like the cold, I even prefer the rather cold. It seems to me it is soothing.

You are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album, but the band itself is becoming a 30. Is it somehow confusing? Achieved and done something, but still feel that "I am not yet so old?"'

I still feel as though their early 20s, though I approach catapulted 50. However, I do not think that we would have nowhere to lose their energy concert, we are still in a strong band. I imagine ourselves freely down to do the same in their 70s, like the Rolling Stones. Right, of course, will never again be a time when your body by giving, even if the idea still remains. And well, hopefully it another way, the first physique. Currently, anyway still enjoy concerts, traveling, new experiences. Probably like most people.

In fact, you had to quickly disband after all? I understand that, with 16 million albums sold is a thing that takes a bit of time?

Unfortunately really takes! However, it would be little harm if we had a really fast spilled - all that music would have been without. So yes, it's probably a positive side of this is that there are also other 11 albums that listeners can enjoy. Also, do not pose such a case, as I have done these years! Probably would have gone back to their own world and was unknown. Although I would have certainly loved music as deeply, it's me, I guess, in any event.

When you start, you promised rock'n'roll revolution, as had most of the UK acid house and shoegaze. What do you think about it?

Be sure to land somewhere, because recovery was still a bit more like a guitar. Hung with us in this new wave of Britpop label attached, even though we are not a part of since. But I think that many young people have found, however, that the guitar is not yet obsolete instrument and 80s ruulinud Cyberstore Keys and do not take more of the world. Certainly there were other points of support for guitar and it still was not a hundred years, probably at least another hundred more. After all, the piano is still there, and people play the 600-year history and flutes Harfe. Besides, what could be a better way than the teenage emotions pouring out rock music?

But how do you rate the current situation? Who, after all, EDM, etc.

Yeah, but it seems that everything will be more and more niche stuff. '70s, it seemed that the disco can rule the world. New styles come and bloom, but then you find some kind of a place. Certainly, at the moment is dominated by dance music and more mainstream than it ever has been, but the majority of this technology, however, is limited. It seems that we have reached the point where the 80 basic electronic instruments uniqueness are disappearing. Everything is in place and within reach. By contrast, the guitar is so that everyone plays it in a completely different way. However, the machine must be the same kinda thing out, but it remains to be stacked into layers or DJ play.

The thought actually that of a young band, it seems more difficult than ever to survive. How it has already proved to the band's point of view, it seems?

I think that young bands are really very difficult. I mean, in terms of investments, such numbers do not pass over the band's development, and it was pretty tight conditions through a time machine. , The bands do not have the time to grow and prosper. We took at least three albums of time to get yourself going. In the UK, many small venue d put the doors closed, leaving the opportunity to learn a little more. Of course, today there are other roads, Specs, and colleges of music and technology courses, which at that time was not available. But they probably will not replace such individual aspects regionaalsusel-based bands, which in the UK will never brief visit. Perhaps it is even more complicated because of globalization, everyone has the same resources, and the effects, which lost part of that identity. There are probably a lot of aspects to be considered, starting with how to be a young band above in mind, even if you can afford the granting of concerts, etc. At the same time, has to live in, a change eat, sleep anywhere. In any case, it is much harder for young people, the bands, and it is more risky than ever before, because the opportunities are fewer and fewer.

Brit pop also mentioned the album "Everything Must Go" is mentioned that, be it style or scene, the star masterpiece. What do you think of the keywords in the first place? Never has it been significant or meaningful? Or is it just a vague term for the roof?

Rather, the last, but more or less honest keyword to the two plates, "Everything Must Go" and "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours". They definitely have the time and the albums they have never appeared at any other time, then they probably would not have such a well-established. But as I have said before, we took three albums to reach this point. But the reason why we do not feel fully part of it, it was obvious that we are from Wales. We were not "England", and is based on the London like many others - such as Suede, Blur ...

London and Wales, the distance is a giant?

Exceptionally, absolutely. Culturally, at least, the road was only a few hours drive. The capital city of London is very dominant in the province believe nothing is more challenging. At Oasis, for example, had to thank the heritage of Manchester - The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Joy Division, New Order. There was already impressive in music history there. As Liverpool and Sheffield, but Wales has never been such skenet for the show. Thus, we were involved in, but did not feel a part of this too.

Your upcoming concert has been said in the notice that is played for the whole plate. How it's going to be more?

We're playing really hoping for the succession, as you will hear from the plate, and then a shorter "greatest hits" session, in addition to some of the weirdest choices in between - some rarities and B-sides. Obviously, part of the first half there was nothing more to decide, but the second half is typically decided by the mood esinemispäeval only, so do not know yet specifically mentioned in the stories.

This is your second occurrence of Tallinn, and of course I have to ask if you remember anything from the previous?

It was one of the festival, probably about four years ago. Oollesummer? I remember that was the least sunny and dry. I remember the city and the port, and that I had no time to examine the old town. Ratios quickly on the scene and the journey ahead. Therefore, this time we took a whole day to properly consult with the city and get the right feel. And of course, this time starring under very different circumstances - the festival has more compromises to do a specific band concert is still another matter.

Manics have always been prone to left the band, both direct referrals lyrics as utterances. What do you think about today's situation in Europe - radicalization in relation to refugees, the emergence of racism ...

I think it is part of human nature, for the earth, space and resources are limited. People tend to close ourselves whether, communities or national boundaries, and attempt to protect what they have. The situation is terrible, of course, at the same time, Europe is the whole history of the movement of people, and it just requires strong people in power, who have compelling ideas on how to cope with it. There is a need for cooperation and policies to cope with it as humanely as possible. The media and the Internet to process the information just as quickly, it is quite easy to overreact to the point of being so desperate, that thing becomes violent. If it is able to take kainema mind, you will have the chance to meaningful solutions. But the pressure is great, and the result is often just chaos. This is now the politicians' job to point out that things can be resolved and settled.

It seems that the mentality is rather closing party - after all, is also a relevant topic Brexit.

The problem is that when you look, for example, an organized crime perspective, even if it was a lovely idea that people can get Europe to move freely, I still think that, just like the airport is still certain controls and procedures, which have to pass, then something like this anyway has to be. It does not have to be some humiliating experience, it can be done in a peaceful and orderly manner. I think if we still have it in the form of border control formalities, then things would be simpler and more calmly controlled.

This is an interesting point of view, because it constantly still be put on the table, it is one of the fundamental values ​​which the EU provides to people.

Understandably, it is also difficult when it comes to road and rail networks, and how to implement it all. I can understand everything, but if a building to analog, then still have to be some sort of concrete entry and exit points. Purely from the perspective of security, it must be possible to control this movement.

One of the issues of the past. How Fidel Castro was to meet?

It was quite surreal. We did not expect this. We still went to speak to people, not the driver. And, well, there were certain things that seemed to our cozy and had some things on which we disagree, we were. Nothing is perfect. (Finding long words.) You know, it was weird. This is kinda a summary description of the experience. Surreal that it happened.

But for us it was more like a David and Goliath theme, at times, it is the situation between the US and Cuba. It was a politically compelling, and we did not know exactly why the embargo is still in force after all these years, just after the collapse of the Soviet Union. All this paranoia of communism in the United States, China on the other hand, making a huge trade deals. At the same time we read a newspaper in the UK in the reviews as a great package holiday in Cuba is the target, because it was so cheap. There was no understanding of the political situation or the kind of life ordinary person lived there.

And the last question. What is your favorite trail in seven, no matter from where the artist or album?

You might have to provide some kind of early warning about! I choose something quickly ... Today I listen to David Bowie's new album, and from there is really a favorite track in just seven. It is the "I Can not Give Away Everything".