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Rock 'N' Roll At 45? We Almost Broke Up -, 16th May 2014

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Before the great Prague concert managed Manic Street Preachers give away in dingy underground Lucerna several interviews. Singer James Dean Bradfield recalled the crisis that the band has had to record the two new records.

"We had an annual concert in London and played thirty-eight singles in one night. And it was important for us to experience. Because we realized that there was a chance to continue in the band and in forty-five," returned home to singer James Dean Bradfield to events that preceded the release last album Rewind the film and the forthcoming futurist.

"When confronted with their professional history, you will find that some things have changed to some extent. You can either pack up and fall apart, or we can say it is worth it and so go on," says Bradfield certain crisis, but which in the case of Manic Street Preachers led to criticism very well received record full of nostalgia.

"We realized that we are not a band that Britain has reached the top of the charts. When we see a young group play at the festival, we know that you say Jesus, they dědci!" interpreted Bradfield, with what feelings the band had to deal with. This does not mean that it would abandon ambitions yet - only now has the so-called "realistic expectations."

And with it a different approach to work. "We chose the thing that we want to write, and built around her plate. Tonight rather wait to see what will come," says Bradfield. I that the experimental innovation futurist band recorded in Berlin, does not as a symbol, but rather a coincidence. What came out of it, it will be clear to July 7, when the album comes out.