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Rewind The Film - Skream, October 2013

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Title: Rewind The Film
Publication: Skream
Date: October 2013
Writer: Tomoo Yamaguchi

Although not extensively singing like that, the eleventh album "Rewind The Film" is said to be the first acoustic work by Manic Street Preachers. However, even unplugged works that simply replace electric guitars with acoustic guitars are not the style of organic or raid back that is reminiscent of the word acoustic. That piece of fact that there was also an idea that it originally made 2 sets. Although the release schedule has not been clarified yet, the other one is said to be more aggressive and experimental work that there is also the influence of Krautrock, and as a result, although it became acoustic, this "Rewind The Film" It should be taken as one of their challenges.

Indeed, there is a new world of Manics spreading. Manics flow folk rock or say, "There is an acoustic and soulful vibe", many of the songs the members talk about has a taste of soul music played in folk rock ensemble by adding horn . Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, Elliott Smith - The name of the artist who talked about new songs also clearly sought them a different sound than before.

The album titled songs and the psychedelic synthesizer also used atmospheric sounds to say the fork of the acoustic system and exquisite modulation reminiscent of David Bowie "3 Ways To See Despair" is their song lighting It is reminiscent of the new ground of. In addition, this female singer / songwriter with a clear-cut voice such as Cate Le Bon known for co-starring with the new diva of UK folk, Lucy Rose, Super Furry Animals and "Duet" This "Sullen Welsh Heart" "4 Lonely Roads "is a big listening of new works. When I think about it, they are a band that has worked ambitiously to make new sounds each time I make a work. In that sense, this album may also be said to be a Manics-like work. However, on the other hand, lyrics like home town, conservative conscience, innocence, innocence, purity, youthfulness, best friend, lyrics, so that the obviously old-fashioned title of "Rewind The Film" There are lots of lukewarm feelings and sentiments for what they have lost, such as the landscape of Tokyo. The most used mode was also felt from the previous work "Postcards From A Young Man", but still there was still a gorgeous rock sound playing.

Indeed, when you think so, the acoustic sound of this time is suitable for conveying the feeling of loss and sentiment. However, saying that "Rewind The Film" is a work that only conveys feeling of loss or sentiment, it is never such a thing. Rather they showed a miracle in the full album "I want to be old and exhausted, I want you to come back to Richey (James), which was a spiritual pillar of the band," I can not fight anymore Sing to inspire himself to please me. That "Show Me The Wonder" was conscious of "Rocks Off" of The Rolling Stones and "Suspicious Mind" of Elvis Presley.

It's been more than 20 years since I made a shock debut as a metal rash gram · punk band. Manics is now a popular band representing the British and not being pressed or pushed. I'm glad that they still have that kind of spirit. "Rewind The Film" must be an acoustic album. However, the rock soul of Manics firmly breathes there. They do not seem to intend to be in adult rock bands that are still good enough for things.