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Random Christmas Memories - NME, 20th December 2014

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Title: Random Christmas Memories
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 20th December 2014
Photos: Ed Miles


What's the best fictional Christmas?
"The original, Alistair Sims Scrooge. Or a Doctor Who Christmas special, I guess. I'm a bit worried about this year's one. I do love Peter Capaldi though. I've just never known a Doctor Who try not to be Doctor Who more. As a devotee of The Thick Of If I do find it hard to separate [the characters] because I know every line Malcolm Tucker ever said."

What makes a perfect Christmas day?
"Closing the doors, closing the windows, no visitors, Quality Street, Roses, After Eights, pomagne - which is a really cheap champagne from the '70s - Top Of The Pops Christmas special, Doctor Who. Lots of presents, lots of really tacky trimmings. I guess a '70s Christmas really. I try to recreate that every year. Its just when it felt real. The best Christmas over was when I had 'Psychocandy' on vinyl from my mum and dad. I had a terrible hangover, playing 'Never Understand' to try and cure a hangover - and it actually sounds like a hangover."

What bits of the holiday don't you like?
"I can't stand fucking New year. New Years and birthdays symbolise creeping death to me."

The Manics did a Christmas song once...
"We did attempt our own, The Ghosts Of Christmas" We never released it in the end. It's actually quite good: it's got a sax solo, its very kind of Noddy Holder And its quite funny, as well, for me. I think the last really decent attempt was The Darkness. It was a proper Christmas record. I think it's demoralising because you know you've got no chance of it being a Christmas Number One now. It seems like unless you get a John Lewis ad or something, it's just pointless doing it. But it was such a part of culture growing up that it seems a sad thing that it's disappeared."

Do you watch the Queen's speech?
"I've never watched the Queen's speech in my life. My mum and dad never put it on. That's what I would abolish about Christmas. It's just so fucking boring, it would ruin the mood."