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Q Awards 2013: Best Video - Show Me The Wonder - Q Magazine, January 2014

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Title: Q Awards 2013: Best Video - Show Me The Wonder
Publication: Q Magazine
Date: January 2014
Writer: Niall Doherty
Photos: Alex Lake


Hi, James, if you could give a Q Award to anyone, who would it be?
James Dean Bradfield: John Cale. He was the guy from Wales that made me feel as if I could go across all borders and go beyond that indie parochial nature of what was going on in the '80s. Where he came from, where he ended up, what he still does, he deserves some kind of far-reaching universe Godlike-genius award.

It's your eighth Q Award. Are you getting used to winning?
JDB: It means a hell of a lot to us, I don't think we ever thought it was our job to turn up at awards ceremonies and put a flag down and make protests at awards: if you've got anything against awards it's pathetic. We've always enjoyed it.

What's the best aspect of your most recent album Rewind The Film's success?
JDB: It's given us the belief to talk about our inner-world a bit more. That's something that is slightly un-Manics-esque because it's always been attack-mode with us. Rewind The Film is probably the first time we've explored that inner-world and we didn't fall into some maudlin, introspective and indulgent world. It's a tightrope and I think we achieved it.

You won the award for best video: your recent videos have been armed with powerful, poignant statements.
JDB: It's brilliant to find someone again like [Show Me The Wonder director] Kieran Evans, who's a good west Wales boy. It's really gratifying to find someone understands our world and can articulate it better than we can in a visual sense. It's given us the confidence to put out our next record and shake off those post-40 nerves and go to battle again. It's like Al Pacino in Heat, I need it, it keeps me on the edge, [Bradfield bursts into a full-on Pacino impression]: "When I think of a woman's ass - something comes out of me!"