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Q Awards 2007: Best Track - Q Magazine, December 2007

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Title: Q Awards 2007: Best Track
Publication: Q Magazine
Date: December 2007
Writer: Mark Blake

Q1207-2.jpg Q1207.jpg

Having picked up the Q Merit Award in 2006, the Manic Street Preachers added to their already bulging trophy cabinet this year with the much-coveted Best Track Award, sponsored by Sony Ericsson, for Your Love Alone is Not Enough.

The lead single from return-to-form eighth album Send Away The Tigers, Your Love Alone Is Not Enough features guest vocals from The Cardigans' Nina Persson and reached Number 2 in the UK singles charts, making it the Manics' eighth Top 5 single.

Arguably their catchiest single since the '90s, Your Love Alone Is Not Enough was voted for by readers of Q and Q4music.com in their thousands.

Rate your day on a scale of one to 10.

James Dean Bradfield (vocal/guitar): Eight and a half
Sean Moore (drums): Seven and a half. I always used to prefer these sorts of things when it was a dark, dingy room with a load of dry ice, a bit of mystery. Like when we used to be in Kerrang!. Those were the days when music was music [Laughing]
Nicky Wire (bass): Ten. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough is the track that saved our careers. It's great for that to be acknowledged and for a group of Manic Street Preachers fans to all vote in.

Is there anyone here today you want to meet?

NW: It was amazing to meet and have my photograph taken with Shirley Bassey. But that only happened because these other two abandoned one for half an hour.
JDB: I shook hands with Billy Bragg. He was such an inspiration when I was younger...and then he went and slagged us off [Bragg took exception to the Manics' personal Portaloo backstage at the Glastonbury Festival in 1999]. I was upset at the time because he was such a big hero - the Manics used to busk his songs when we first started - so it's nice that everything was resolved.

What do you want for pudding?

NW: I don't think we've eaten anything yet. All I've had is some very funny looking ham.

Where are you going next?

NW: We're interviewing Rush! A Farewell To Kings was always my favourite album of theirs, as I loved, that track Xanadu. After Rush, I'm curating Sky Arts on Wednesday. Then were thinking We need a lot of time to think about what we are going to do next.