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Profile: Manic Street Preachers - Sounds, 25th August 1990

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Title: Profile: Manic Street Preachers
Publication: Sounds
Date: Saturday 25th August 1990
Writer: Andy Peart


The Manic Street Preachers are four nihilistic youths hell bent on the destruction of society as we know it. And you think I'm joking.

"I've always wanted to be in a band that counts," says raven haired guitarist Richey. "It's got nothing to do with music, it's because it can be so much more."

The only thing they'll admit to being influenced by, or liking, is the Gang Of Four's 'Entertainment' LP. But that's it.

"There's never been a band we can listen to consistently," remarks bass player Nicky. "Everyone's let us down." "And there's no bands around today we'd feel happy playing a gig with," adds Richey. How will you avoid letting people down? "We wont last that long," counters Nicky. "We never want fans following us around. If people come and see us twice it's pointless coming again." "People should move on and do something themselves," reckons Richey.

Attitude aside, there's also the infamous spray painted shirts. The one Richey's wearing boldly states, "Kill Yourself". "You can maybe ignore the songs but when we walk down the street and you see our song titles on our chests you've got to think something."

"The best thing that's happened to me in the last year is people hating me cos of the way I look," smiles vocalist James. And, with the recent release of their 'New art Riot' EP the top of the indie charts means nothing to the Preachers.

"The only time I'll ever think that it's worthwhile is if we go on Top Ten in the national charts... and the government's trying to stop us," confirms Richey witha trace of tongue-in-cheek. Can mass social change be achieved through music then? "Yeah," Nicky states resoundingly. "There's been attempts before which have failed but I think we can do it. I wouldn't be in a band otherwise."

So where will you all be in 20 years time?

Nicky: "In the grave."
Richey: "Hopefully"
Nicky: "We'll know when we become worthless and then you wont see us again. You can be sure of that."