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Postal Interview: Nicky Wire & James Dean Bradfield - Caught In The Crossfire Fanzine, January 1998

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Title: Postal Interview: Nicky Wire & James Dean Bradfield
Publication: Caught In The Crossfire Fanzine
Date: January 1998
Writer: Carly Wyborn

CITC0198 (1).jpg CITC0198 (2).jpg

Nicky Wire

How are you?

Up to much?
Watching the darts

Ready for Questions about James? Okay, shall we begin?

Can you describe James in 5 words for us?

His best qualities?
The above

Do you think he's pretty to look at? Why?
He's very fifties classical!

Most embarrassing thing you know he's ever done?
That - I can't say

His most irritating habit?
Playing his guitar all the time

Have you ever had a huge argument with James? If so, what about?
Usually about sport

Who would win in a fight between you?
James - Easy

James once said that it was your birthright to be famous, if James wasn't in the band, what do you think he'd be best at doing? Why?
I think he could have been an athlete but he drink too much

Have you ever tried to force him into a dress? If so, what happened?
No chance

Anything else you want to share with us about James?
He thinks he's Rober de Niro sometimes

Thank you muchly Mr Wire, you are a complete star!
Bye X!

James Dean Bradfield

What are you doing at the moment?
Recording in Wales with Dave Eringa (3 tracks)

How's the album going?
Too superstitious to say, bit I think it's.....

Do you have sugar in your tea?
1/2 & full cream milk in a white cup - coloured cups makes tea look weak

Do you want to have children? Why?

We all know that Nicky loves hoovering - What are you best at doing around the house?
Playing guitar, reading, music, pottering around, phone - usual

How exactly are you related to Sean? (Yes we know you're cousins - whose it through - your mum's sister etc)
His mother is my mother's sister & vice versa of couse

Why do you like living in London?
A lot of Tafia & the train is only hour 1/2 away from Wales - I spend a lot of time at my parents & Cardiff

Favourite book of all time, ever, ever!? Why?
Nausea - J.P. Sartre
Hunger - Knut Hamsun
Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison
Lipstick Traces - G. Marcus

Too many too mention

In your opinion what is the worst feeling in the world and how do you deal with it?
Loss (death - sport -) - Betrayal (principles)

New years resolution?
Stop drinking (so much) - been doing it for too long - my body's given in to it

Who, in the public eye, has sex appeal
Tori Amos and Shirley McClaine, Minnie Driver, Sophie Dahl - en vogue -

What turns you on?!?!
No comment

Finally at past gigs you've sung "Right here in my average/not so pretty face". Do you really believe that you aren't a very pretty man (Cos we think you are)

I lied, it wasn't the last one! What's the worst/best things about being famous?
Sorry - I really haven't got any opinions about the effects of fame, sorry