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Pop Stars And Their Games - Amiga Power, September 1992

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Title: Pop Stars And Their Games
Publication: Amiga Power
Date: September 1992
Writer: Ronnie Randall


Hello SEAN from THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS, those Welsh rockers who think the rest of the music industry is crap.

How long have the band been into computer games, Sean?

“About a year. We were into Amigas and Atari STs through music-making and the studio. After eight to ten hours of total concentration and the pressure of programming drum patterns and everything, switching to games became a welcome release, blowing away the frustration and angst, running riot with something that was just total fun. We've also bought a Mega drive between us, and I've got a Game Gear tor myself on the road. I bought a Game Boy in Japan, but it was total rubbish, good games but poor graphics.”

What games are you into at the moment?

“Kick Off and a lot of sport sims, it must be the summer atmosphere. Kid Chameleon on the Mega drive, Olympic Gold on the Game Gear…allsorts. We buy them while on tour, especially in Japan and the States."

Personal all-time favourite game?

“Sorry Amiga tans but it's just got to be Sonic The Hedgehog. The graphics are so smooth. each level well balanced, and good characterisation. Nothing on the Amiga equals it yet“

Worst game ever played?

“The first James Pond, though I thought Robocod was much better.”

Is game playing a solitary, or social occupation for The Manics?

“It depends on the game, and the computer. The Game Gear is naturally solitary, for train, plane and bus trips, but otherwise we're all hooked during a sports sim, rooting for Nick during a round of PGA Golf, or James and Richey almost coming to blows during a particularly heated match of John Madden’s American Football.”

What genre of game do you prefer?

“I'd like to have a chance to get more into strategy and adventure, but for the moment I've got to admit to a liking for strong characterisations. so it has to be cute platformers.”

How often do you buy games?

“Let's see, I've bought 75 over the last year, so that‘s more than one a week!”

Manic Street Preachers future plans

“We'll be playing a few festivals over the summer. A video with ex-porno star Tracy Lords who sings on 'Little Baby Nothing', the last single off the current album. The UK tour in October, and finally the Royal Albert Hall concert in December, which will be a real ambition fulfilled, the great venue to play if only for its long rock history with The Stones, Cream etc. Our new LP kicks oil in February.”