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Police Chief Hits Out At The Manics' New Album - South Wales Echo, 27th August 1998

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Title: Police Chief Hits Out At The Manics' New Album
Publication: South Wales Echo
Date: Thursday 27th August 1998
Writer: Cathy Coleman


A song by South Wales group Manic Street Preachers has been attacked by a senior police officer.

South Yorkshire Mass Murderer, the final track on the band's new album, criticises the role of the police in Hillsborough tragedy.

The incident claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans, who died after being crushed at a football match in Sheffield.

The song, which was written by band member Nicky Wire, features the line, "South Yorkshire mass murderer how can you sleep at night?"

This has led to South Police Yorkshire Chief Assistant Constable Ian Daines condemning the song for appearing to be in "bad taste".

Mr Daines, who was not policing on the day, is unhappy about the ideas in the song.

Although he has not heard it, he said: "Judging solely from the title, it would appear to be in bad taste and is likely to cause offence to many people."

He did not wish to make any further comment.

Fans were crushed to death in the Hillsborough Stadium in 1989 after supporters surged into an overcrowded enclosure.

Many of the families of those who died blamed police for opening gates and allowing more fans through.

Last week, two senior officers, former Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield, 53, and former Superintendent Bernard Murray, 56, were the first to face a private prosecution brought by the families.

A spokeswoman for the band criticised the fact that Mr Daines had not even heard the song.

Terri Hall said: "The song was written by Nicky Wire and was inspired by the writer Jimmy McGovern.

"After the band played at the Hillsborough memorial concert he felt compelled to write about the whole experience."

"A lot of the people who have criticised the song have not even heard it. It is a very simple, beautiful track."

The Manics' album, This is Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, is due out on Monday, September 14.