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Pentaport Rock Festival Interview: Nicky Wire - Hottracks, August 2012

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Title: Pentaport Rock Festival Interview: Nicky Wire
Publication: Hottracks
Date: August 2012
Writer: Lee Kyu-tak & Jang Ju-hee


British rock band Manic Street Freestyle confirmed as Headliner on the final day of the Pentaport Rock Festival. Many brilliant fans in Korea will be waiting for their performances. I had an opportunity to interview the band before the performance. I interviewed on the phone about the music of the Pentaport Rock festival stage and the band. Interview This is Nicky Wire, who plays the bass and plays the bassist.

I am looking for Korea with this Pentaport Rock Festival headliner. It is the first performance in Korea at the festival stage. What did you hear about the Pentaport Rock Festival or Korea?
We are very excited and excited. I am going to go to Korea for the first time and I am looking forward to what will happen. I know that technology is very developed for Korea. And I've heard a bit about the K-POP that young people like these days.

His third album "The Holy Bible" (1994), his sixth album "Know Your Enemy" (2001), and his ninth album "Journal For Plague Lovers" (2009) all have similarities. It's a "left-wing" album that focuses on messages and energy rather than regular, rough, sharp, yet brilliant melodies of the band. Do you have a nostalgia for this rough, refined feeling of music? Or is there such a thing as a time when we should do this kind of music?
Because we have been playing music for such a long time, there is such a perfume. But I also think that we can express the message and feeling that we think in another way. I think that it is difference of expression method. The energy and thoughts I had at that time did not change.

The most recent album is a two-compilation "National Treasures" (2011), a collection of the band's single releases so far. When a compilation album other than a regular album is released, it is usually recognized as a preliminary step for internal and external changes in music, such as trying new music or moving it to a new label. What changes are going on for Manics?
Our case is different. It would still work with the same label, and that change did not happen. I would like to see it as a starting point for new changes in music. So the compilation album is an album released to end the music that we have done so far, and it can be considered as a starting point to make new style music now. I am looking forward to seeing how fans will respond in the future.

Are you preparing for a new regular work? If you are ready, what style of music do you want to make?
Yes. As I mentioned before, I am making a lot of new style songs. The album is going to take a year or two to complete. Currently, 10 songs to 12 songs have been completed, and more songs will be made in the future. It will be music that has been done so far and something new and new style.

In the meantime, the 10th album "Postcards From A Young Man" released in 2010 is the latest album. I think that this album was brighter and brighter than the previous albums, but it was a unique album of Manics, especially the early strong feeling. This is also true in his 9th book, Journal For Plague Lovers (2009), which gives a strong impression on this record. What is the source or energy of energy that can show the appearance of restoring the power of the early days even though the age is passing and the age?
What is important for us to maintain our musical life so far is that we still enjoy music and still love to express it through music. I think that it is lucky, exciting, and thankful that we are alive and alive while experiencing many incidents so far. I think this positive energy comes from the good relationship among the members.

Manics' music has a great charm, but it's as powerful and politically powerful, sometimes deep and sometimes philosophical. However, in a "non-English speaking" country, including Korea, it is not easy to understand and listen to the lyrics of Manics even if you are a fan. What do you think about loving Manics in the charm of the music or the song itself without fully understanding the message or the lyrics of the Manics? Is it okay to enjoy Maniche's music even if you do not fully understand the message or lyrics?
When I went to Japan 22 years ago, the situation was the same. In those days, I think that understanding and communication were less than now. But nowadays it is a good situation to communicate verbally, so I think they will understand enough the message we want to convey. That's enough if fans understand enough at the heart of our message. Because the British think that we do not understand all of our messages! I think that it is not the whole of understanding to understand in the linguistic level.

The album "Journal For Plague Lovers" (2009) is the work of painter Jenny Saville, who also took charge of the cover art of Manny 's old album, The Holy Bible (1994). I remember, however, that large supermarkets refused to sell unless they changed the album cover art. It's a cover that people who do not care about music may dislike, but it's like they claim that they can not tolerate art anyway. After all, I was compromising by making an extra sleeve covering the 'original cover with the intention of the band and the artwork', but I wonder what the band members thought at the time
We were surprised to hear this news. Because I thought that Seville's picture was the perfect cover for our record. We have been working with her several times and we have been satisfied every time. It always draws beautifully to match the message we want to convey. But when you hear that you are opposed to the big market, how can you do that? It was absurd. Video games sold in large markets also have a lot of sensationality and violence, and I thought that it would not make sense to look at our album cover and reject it for that reason.

In the music of manics, when you say 'this can never be subtracted', what does 'this' mean?
Manics 'This' ... If you are asking what the core is, I would like to say 'Our friendship'. Through this kind of relationship our music has started and we have been able to work so far. I think it is the source and secret of all Manics activities.

What musicians have impressed you most recently?
I enjoy the new Savages these days. It is a very inspiring band.

Give manics performance preparation manuals to enjoy the performances of manics.
The actions we perform like pre-performance rituals are usually stretching, listening to music, making sounds, strong coffee and smoking. I think fans will be able to enjoy the performances more simply by reviewing our past music before coming to the performance.