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Nicky Wired - The Sun, 13th July 1999

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Title: Nicky Wired
Publication: The Sun
Date: Tuesday 13th July 1999
Writer: Graeme Donohoe

Manics face T ban over four-letter fury

Chart-toppers the Manic Street Preachers could be Banned from T in the Park after a foul-mouthed blast at Scots fans.

The festival headliners launched a vicious volley of abuse before bass player Nicky Wire smashed up stage equipment and hurled debris at the backdrop.

The trouble kicked off when numpty Nicky spotted a fan in the front row checking the time on his watch.

He raged: "There's a w****r looking at his watch here. Why don't you go and catch your bus and f*** off home then. Go on, get a cup of Horlicks you bd."

Fans in the 40,000 crowd were so enraged they started to boo and hurl plastic bottles at the stage.

And they were further incensed when singer James Dean Bradfield told them: "All you a**s better f*** off right now - I mean it."

The four-letter abuse soured what's been hailed as the best T in the Park ever.

T in the Park boss Stuart Clumpas said: "I never got an opportunity to see the band but I understand there were some incidents which we're looking into.

"The rumours backstage were that they're going to be playing a major stadium gig in Scotland later this year - if so they've scored a massive own goal."

But a festival insider revealed that bosses are privately fuming over the Manics behaviour.

He said: "It really looks like they will not be asked back ever again. They got off on the wrong foot with the audience and really wound them up.

"We don't care if bands smash up their own equipment but damaging our stuff is another matter."

However the Manics may not be together long enough to be asked back.

A band source claimed their behaviour was caused by an ongoing feud. There have been rumours of a split since they pulled out of the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium.

The source said: "Tempers are very frayed at the moment.

"The smallest thing can make them snap. Unfortunately T in the Park fans were on the receiving end."