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Nicky Wire Questionnaire - Delirium On Helium, 14th February 2018

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Title: Nicky Wire Questionnaire
Publication: Delirium On Helium
Date: Wednesday 14th February 2018
Writer: Lindsey Taylor-Fullman

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You have said that many of the songs on Resistance Is Futile are written about people that have inspired you - did this make the writing process differ greatly as opposed to when you are writing your more personal, introspective lyrics?

I tried to write outside myself to illustrate the joy and inspiration I gain from other people and places.

I've recently been visiting prospective Sixth Forms with my daughter and I keep hearing that less students are now going to University and more are taking the Apprenticeship route. Do you think that tuition fees and the prospect of lifetime debt are putting young people off of going to University?

"The mountains we climbed are now mountains of debt."

Give us some make up tips - what's your product of the year?

No.1 tip - Don't believe the rubbish about removing your make up every night - it's better the next day.

I saw Liam Gallagher in concert last December and he was fantastic. Do you think an Oasis reunion will ever be on the cards and would you welcome it?

Liam + Noel are doing great as solo artists I think.

Who would you like to see as the next Wales football manager?

Too late now.

This is the longest ever period of time between Manics albums, does this mean there is more anticipation/nervousness within the band as to how the record will be received?

Were entering a constant phase of over tiredness.

Are there any Wire vocals on the album and do you think you still have another solo album in you?

Yes there are. And maybe there will be a return of the man in the pink suit.

There are already references to Japanese culture in the album cover for Resistance Is Futile, and in the video for International Blue, is this a theme that runs throughout the album?

Not really. The idea was dignified defeat.

What's the dress code for this years tour?

Suits, ties, skirts, tracksuits, hats, sunglasses and swimming trunks.

What's your perfect Sunday?

Coffee - TV - walk - play darts - watch Homeland - fall asleep to Radio 4 - STAY HOME

Sean's mum told us your beautiful dog is called Axel, where did the inspiration for his name come from? (he looks fantastic in his Christmas jumper by the way!)


Would you ever appear on any of the following programmes (tick all that apply)?

  • Question Time
  • Celebrity Pointless
  • Celebrity Masterchef
  • Celebrity Mastermind
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Radio 4 - A Good Read
Any talkSPORT
Radio 4 - Desert Island Disks

My 15 Year Old daughter said to me "Manics songs are just like mini history lessons". How does it make you feel that the younger generation can still relate to your songs and that you are still getting young fans coming to your gigs?

Humble, grateful and happy

If you were Prime Minister who would you have on your front bench?

No-one, just me

What do you want for your birthday?

I'm not a fan of birthdays

What's the last think you think before going to sleep?

'Whats would Malcolm Tucker say?'