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Nicky Wire @NME Twitter Q&A - NME, 29th August 2013

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Title: Nicky Wire @NME Twitter Q&A
Publication: NME
Date: Thursday 29th August 2013


We're excited to be joined by Nicky Wire from the @Manics later who'll be taking over this Twitter account. Send questions tagged #nmemanics

@georgiaetaylor: What is your favourite song to play live?
Ooh...'Motown Junk'

@emptys0uls: What books/films do you think are essential reading/watching?
At the moment Red Or Dead by David Peace. Also The Words by Sartre & The Rebel by Camus

@CombineArvester: Favourite new band at the moment?
Georgia Ruth - a Welsh krautrock harpist and Telegram - the singer reminds me of Julian Cope

@notpauloricardo: What basses did you favor when recording the new album?
A 1970s very brown Guild

@KB2X: What is your favourite live venue in the UK
The Social in London, Cardiff University Great Hall & Glasgow King Tuts

@littlebabyfran: Best support band you toured with?
Mogwai, British Sea Power & Peace (Can't resist singing along to Lovesick)

@JMilsom: Any songs you refuse to play live ever again?
The Love Of Richard Nixon... and a few more

@lenchik3000: Have you got the favourite MSP lyric Nicky?
"If I can shoot rabbits/then I can shoot fascists"

@m0drnmoonlight: Favorite song by The Who?
'So Sad About Us'

@Sonic_shoegazer: Nicky what is your favourite album artwork? Also Manics...?
What's Goin' On by Marvin Gaye. Manics is Send Away The Tigers

@hawkmoon_: What's your favorite Manics video?
I would say Empty Souls, Show Me The Wonder and You Love Us

@hyper_steph: What's the worse part of touring?
When it ends!

@Robertooo95: Who is your favourite British band of the last 10 years?
That would be The Horrors

@AidenStanden: Weirdest gift you've received from a fan?
Hand-written letters in blood. That was a long time ago.

@wewerenevertold: What eyeliner do you think works the best? I've tried so many.
I stick with Rimmel dark kohl

@MayaWills: How many feather boas do you currently own?
They're all on my mic stand. At least 35.

@4evermanics: Favourite The Horrors song?
That would have to be 'You Said' from Skying

Thanks for all your questions, see you on tour in September. Stay beautiful! - NW