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Nicky Wire & James Dean Bradfield Questionnaires - Aspire For Life Fanzine, September 1997

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Title: Nicky Wire & James Dean Bradfield Questionnaires
Publication: Aspire For Life Fanzine
Date: September 1997
Writer: Rachel Larmer and Jason Hood

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Nicky Wire Questionnaire

I know you're trying extremely hard not to bitch but would you agree that pop artists like Peter Andre who flash their repulsive bodies expecting teenage girls to swoon is a cheap way of gaining fans? Why?
I think pop acts demean themselves because they realise that tomorrow they could be hosting a children's TV programme - they are incredibly vain and incredibly inept.

Are you planning to re-release any of your singles from your two previous albums?
Yes but only in a limited edition.

Have you learned to play another instrument other than the guitar?
No - the pen is still my main instrument.

Apart from it being a relief, do you mind the fact that some people thought 'Everything Must Go' was your debut album and only then acknowledged you?
It really makes no difference - our "hardcore" fans will always appreciate us - as long as we are worth it. But a lot of new fans became totally obsessive, it's not their fault if they are young. As for the Ben Sherman types - that's funny and will be interesting to see what they thing of me in a dress.

What do you think of the Super Fury Animals' 'Play It Cool' video?
Magical - I bet I could beat them though.

'Born A Girl' is said to be a classic Nicky lyric, along with lyrics such as 'I don't wanna be a man', 'Feminine Is Beautiful, and quoting a part of the radical feminist Valerie Solanas' manifesto saying "The male chromosome is an incomplete female chromosome". Do you think women are that wonderful? Because being female isn't as brilliant as it sounds, (not want to embarrass you) but periods and shaving are a real inconvenience and childbirth is extremely painful (so I've heard!). Do these things appeal to you? Or is it simply being able to wear make-up and dresses (even if you do as a man) that do you like about women. Or do you think men are emotional cripples? Also do you think it's wrong that women have cosmetic surgery as they feel they have to fit some kind of an image that appeals to men?
Born A Girl is about the desire to be something else - I'm not saying I want a sex change - Just excitement. Different emotions. I don't pretend to be an expert on women - I just like the idea of looking like one sometimes. I do think that in general men are crap and women are good.

James Dean Bradfield Questionnaire

What's your favourite word? You seem to use the word 'fuck' a lot at gigs!
Shimmer - Sea - Telecaster - Poet - ? - Recrudescence (spelling?) - Roast - Wet

Any chance of you playing Liverpool's Royal Court next year? If you do, what are the chances of you giving four gorgeous girls who have never actually met you all after all this time backstage/aftershow passes?!!!!
Sorry haven't got a clue

Will you wear a dress next year and follow in Nicky's footsteps?
Could never aspire to such poise & elegance - sorry -

If you were invisible for one day, where would you go?
10 Downing Street

Describe Sean in 10 words.
Cool as fuck but spends too much money on gadgets

Describe Nicky in 10 words
Cool as fuck - spends too much time thinking about rugby

Who would you most like to be?
Jack Lemmon, Jimmy Page, Bill Murray, Joe Strummer, Jeff Buckley, Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton, Mitch Ikeda, Yukio Mishima

Did you enjoy working with Kylie? Any more collaborations coming up?
Enjoyed it loads - no plans

Do you think Nicky should appear on 'Shooting Stars'? We do!!!
Might say something nasty....really nasty - dunno

How many guitars do you own? Are you willing to give one away to a poor student who is desperately saving up for a new one? And which one is your favourite?
About 18 - sorry they are all integral to the plot - My main Gibson, my orange Gretsch and Telecaster custom

Who do you fancy?
Nottingham Forrest for promotion and Wales for the Five Nations.