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Nicky Wire: 'Richey Would Have The Biggest Twitter Following In The Western World' - NME, 26th October 2012

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Title: Nicky Wire: 'Richey Would Have The Biggest Twitter Following In The Western World'
Publication: NME
Date: Friday 26th October 2012

Manic Street Preachers star predicts bandmate would have made huge impact online

Nicky Wire has said that Richey Edwards would have a huge Twitter following if he was around to use the social network.

Wire, speaking to Q, said that the only negative emotion he has about his former Manic Street Preachers bandmate is when he realises how far ahead he was of the new bands around today. Talking candidly about Edwards, who went missing in 1995 , Wire said: In terms of us being bandmates we're completely at ease with it. We've been through lots of anniversaries now. We're used to coming across beautiful curled up photos, old lyrics, interviews and hearing his voice. It used to be like a punch in the stomach. We used to roll on the waves every time but inevitably we've done so much in terms of retrospectives and reissues that we're used to it. It makes us smile to see him.

Wire adds: The only negative emotion we have is when we see a new interview from some band, someone who is meant to be the benchmark of something glorious and we think, Fucking hell. If he was around now he would just destroy. Intellectually? He'd kill everything. He'd have the biggest Twitter following in the western world - for better or for worse.

Manic Street Preachers recently confirmed full details of plans to re-issue their 1992 debut 'Generation Terrorists'.

The 18 track LP is being re-released on November 5 to celebrate the record's 20th anniversary. It will come in five different formats including a re-mastered single CD, a download version, plus two different special edition versions featuring unheard exclusive songs and demos, unseen film footage, home movies and unique artwork.

The first edition entitled the 'Legacy Edition' will come with two CDs plus a DVD while the 'Limited Collector's Edition' spans three CDs, a DVD, a book and a 10 inch vinyl release. Finally a special 12 inch double vinyl gatefold LP will also be released.