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Nicky's Manic Sermon - Daily Record, 14th September 2006

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Title: Nicky's Manic Sermon
Publication: Daily Record
Date: Thursday 14th September 2006

Manic Street Preachers bass player Nicky Wire has attacked the music industry for giving Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand too much fame too fast.

Nicky has labelled their speedy path to the top 'Arctic Monkeys Syndrome' and says modern bands don't get the chance to develop.

Welshman Nicky said: "I don't know if that's happening at the moment really - the Arctic Monkeys Syndrome or Franz Ferdinand ... it's kind of 's**t or best'.

"I don't even know if our Holy Bible would get released today because, you know, by that time we were maybe on the verge of being dropped.

"We weren't exactly selling as many records as we thought we would. And these days if your first album does not do it, well . . .

"I think in our generation of Blur and Radiohead, really our great records were our third or fourth albums, but I don't even know if they could be made today because I don't think bands get time to develop."

Nicky, who was speaking to XFM DJ Dominik Diamond on his breakfast show, also criticised modern rock stars for starting pseudo tiffs . . . before starting one himself.

Referring to the war of words between bands such as The Kooks and Razorlight, he said: "It's all a bit fake. I was well schooled by Ian McCulloch, who famously called Bono a mountain goat. It was genius. It's kinda dead, all that stuff... all that throw-away bitchiness. It's a shame"

Nicky, who has managed to annoy people such as the Stereophonics' Kelly Jones, Coldplay, Blur, David Bowie, Billy Bragg and the Beastie Boys with comments in the past, then proceeded to slag off Scots rockers Snow Patrol.

He said of Gary Lightbody and the boys: "Deacon Blue without a girl singer. Everyone knows it. Terry Wogan's their biggest fan!"

The Manics are about to reissue their popular 1996 album Everything Must Go and are also working on a new album.

Nicky, who is also releasing his solo album I Killed the Zeitgeist on September 25, added that the Manics hope to collaborate with Nina Persson of his favourite band, The Cardigans, for the new material.

Nicky said: "The last two Cardigans albums are two of the greatest records ever made but no one seems to like them anymore.

"We've written a duet for the Manics album actually. We've kind of written it with Nina in mind.

"We're desperately hoping she'll agree to do it but we don't know at the moment. I can't wait for that."