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New Guy Joins Manics On Their Latest UK Tour - The Western Mail, 8th December 2004

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Title: New Guy Joins Manics On Their Latest UK Tour
Publication: The Western Mail
Date: Wednesday 8th December 2004

Nearly a decade after his disappearance of Richey Edwards, the Manic Street Preachers have found a new guitarist. And one of Wales' other big bands have seen a new member joining the fold after a shake-up. Guy Massey, a music engineer who has worked with the Manic Street Preachers on a number of their records, has been brought in to play second guitar with the band on their current UK tour.

And those other Welsh giants of rock, the Stereophonics, have finally found a replacement for sacked drummer Stuart Cable.

It's the first time another guitarist has joined Manics singer-guitarist James Dean Bradfield, bassist Nicky Wire and drummer Sean Moore on stage since the disappearance of Richey Edwards almost a decade ago.

He vanished after leaving his Vauxhall Cavalier car parked at Aust service station, near a well-known suicide spot by the first Severn Bridge near Chepstow, Monmouthshire, on the Wales-England border in 1995.

But the band say their decision to bring in an extra musician is not intended to replace Richey.

They claim it's 'just a musical thing'.

Opening their UK tour at Brighton Centre on Saturday before playing Cardiff International Arena next Monday, the band were joined by Guy who stood at the back right hand side of the stage next to another unofficial manic, keyboard player Nick Maysmith.

Nicky Wire explained the decision to bolster the group, which hails from Blackwood, to the New Musical Express magazine.

'It was a difficult decision to come to, but we just needed (another guitarist) desperately.

'James has played three guitarist parts at times and done backing vocals at the same time.

'Guy is an Abbey Road engineer who has engineered a lot of our records.

'We've known him since 1996. We always knew he was a good guitarist and it's not like a big obtrusive thing, it's not like he's replacing Richey, good God no.

'Like I said (on Saturday) when we played This Is Yesterday, I sat at my desk and wrote the lyrics to This Is Yesterday with Richey and nothing is ever going to replace that.

'It's just a musical thing.'

Dan Martin, a writer for music bible NME, said it 'would be wrong' to assume the Manics had added a new member to their unit.

'The Manics were friends before they were musicians,' he said.

'They needed a guitarist as some of the guitar parts are simply too much for James to do on his own.

'But I suppose the time hasn't felt right for them to get one until now.

'Fans shouldn't think they have a new member though.

'Guy is a musician and plays the guitar with them, but he's not in the band as he doesn't write, isn't in the photographs and things like that.

'He just stands on the side of the stage and adds to the sound. They've needed someone like him for years.'