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New Book On Missing Manic Richey Is 'Distasteful' Says Nicky Wire - The Western Mail, 9th September 2010

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Title: New Book On Missing Manic Richey Is 'Distasteful' Says Nicky Wire
Publication: The Western Mail
Date: Thursday 9th September 2010

A new book about the Manic Street Preachers' missing guitarist Richey Edwards has been criticised by his former band mate Nicky Wire.

The outspoken bassist from Blackwood said that the book, called Richard was "distasteful".

The book is a novel by rock writer Ben Myers which tries to imagine the last days of the troubled guitarist after he disappeared from his London hotel room in 1995. It is published next month.

"I feel quite insulted by it," said Wire.

"I don't really want to get involved with it because it's pointless trying to and there's been so much of this kind of stuff already.

"It would drive me absolutely nuts if we tried to get involved the rocker's mind in the run-up to his apparent suicide.

Edwards, whose car was found abandoned near the Severn Bridge, was finally declared legally dead by his family in 2008.

"I think I knew Richey pretty well, but even I wouldn't dare to write a book on what I thought could have happened to him, fiction or not," he said "And this writer didn't even know him at all, had never even met him and yet he seems to feel he can write a book on what Richey was thinking.

"I find it pretty distasteful really and really presumptuous to think you speak for someone else like that," Wire added.

"Richey always tried to pursue the truth and this seems to go against that principle really."

with all of it, so we just try to rise above it instead."

Wire, who is described in the book as Edwards' "part-brother, part unconsummated lover, but mainly best friend and fashion crime partner" said he couldn't believe anyone would try to assume what was going on.