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Most Politicians Are Sex-Obsessed Animals - Aftonbladet, 13th October 1998

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Title: Most Politicians Are Sex-Obsessed Animals
Publication: Aftonbladet
Date: Tuesday 13th October 1998
Writer: Markus Larsson
Photos: Frida Hedberg


Manic Street Preachers bassist dare to say what he thinks.

Nicky Wire is a rare pop star. His dream is to work as a politician and alcohol sounds he can become "Spirit makes me yellow in the face," says the lanky bassist Manic Street Preachers, who have European premiere of his tour in Stockholm tonight. Nevertheless, this will take some time before he pulls on the shirt politicians at home in Wales. Manic Street Preachers is booming at the moment. Their fifth and latest album; "This is my truth, tell me yours" is the band's most successful to date. Only in Sweden has sold gold, over 40,000 copies. Politics has permeated Nicky Wire's texts from the beginning so it is probably no surprise that one day he would like to work as an elected decision makers.

"I've always written about things that interested me and I was seriously into politics when I was in college." The dream would be to work as a politician when his career is over. But only in culture and sports. Secondly, I am not able. I guess you when selecting a left-oriented party? "Obvious. But it has much to my background make. I grew up in a small mining town where the workers lived under difficult conditions. And it is always working to get treated like crap, so it is close to my heart."

"Conservative political right wing is just perverse. They are sex-obsessed animals. The winds always with the help of six." Nicky Wire grins when he says that but it is no mistaking his commitment. But when it comes to the hectic future he sighs heavily and think it's too stressful. Manic Street Preachers will be on the road for the rest of the year.

And some rock n'roll-life, he is not interested. He does not drink alcohol since a few years back. In addition, when the latest album and the single "If you tolerate this your children will be next" went up as the one in England, of course. "There, I celebrated by being drunk. But I was just sick in the end, I could stand anything. Spirit makes me yellow in the face because my liver is not working properly. I drank it apart for more than five years ago. James (Dean Bradfield, the group's lead singer), will manage the piece. He likes to drink a lot."


"He came home from a promotional trip to Japan a while ago and had nothing to do at night. It ended up that he sat and drank with Tom Jones."

How come? "I do not know. It makes James tell yourself. It includes well in his secret world. But do not say I said anything."

Obviously not Nicky, of course not.