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More Like A Marriage Than A Band - Svenska Yle, 11th August 2014

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Title: More Like A Marriage Than A Band
Publication: Svenska Yle
Date: Monday 11th August 2014
Writer: Louise Lindberg

In two years, Manic Street Preachers has been a band for thirty years. Not sure, did you know the guys have known each other since they were four years old?

We meet the band's bassist Nicky Wire at the Flow Festival and talk about the band's long story and about their two new records. Manic Street Preachers released two albums with just nine months apart, first Rewind The Film and then Futurology . When we wonder where they found such creativity, Nicky jokes that it depends enough on the age.

Maybe it was because we are getting old as we panicked.

Supernova: Nicky Wire från Manic Street Preachers Lyssna Download An age crisis at a time maybe? Well, Nicky also tells us that the two slices were so different that they would give both. And if they would have been waiting for one, he thinks it would have stopped at just one album.

"The longer you wait, the more you change on small things. It felt right to hand it out right away."

The result became two discs that differ greatly from each other, even though they are basically produced in parallel with each other.

"Rewind The Film is very welsh and acoustic, while Futurology is much more European and optimistic. Rewind The Film is more melancholy."

This trio has good speed on that way. Can we wait for an album in nine months?

"Really not! It will probably take two, three years until the next one comes out."

Despite the high rate of work recently, Nicky has had a little vacation in the beginning of summer. One might imagine a rock star vacationing at some nice resort with a lot of parties and occasions, but it did not really look like Nicky.

"I was home with my family! We played on the farm and left it quietly."

Oh, he's so cute that Nicky! Apparently his colleagues James Dean Bradfield and Sean Moore are as nice as him because the band never bothered. Not even after almost 30 years.

"No, we never bother. We may be quiet instead. It's more like a marriage."

A marriage of three, and also a very long one. Not only have they been a band since 1986, these guys have also been polar since they were four years old. By now, they feel each other quite well, in other words, do they still manage to surprise each other?

"Yes, I think we surprised ourselves with Futurology, because it is so optimistic."