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Midtfyns Manic Music - Glo, July 2001

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Title: Midtfyns Manic Music
Publication: Glo
Date: July 2001
Writer: Cecilia Lawson Vinje

"Can anyone make a difference anymore/Can anyone write a protest song?" James asks "Let Robeson Sing" from Manic Street Preacher's latest album, Know Your Enemy, published March 19 this year. With their 6th album in the luggage they are on the poster at many festivals in Europe, and so also here at Midtfyn. With their always political texts, Manic Street Preachers have at least tried to make a difference.

Right from the start, they have set great ambitious goals for their career - to record a double-CD with 30 tracks, sell it in 20 million. copies and after only a year of dissolution might not be that difficult? Their career strategy has not just been this, but in spite of many downturns, Manic Street Preachers have gained much publicity and success, no one can be in doubt.

The Intellectual Outsiders

Manic Street Preachers have just been called "The Intellectual Outsiders." Already in 1985, when the mining town of Blackwood in Wales houses the four friends, James Dean Bradfield, Richey James Edwards, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore, they cross the time of the English music scene and are controversial and anything but politically correct. Their first album, the energetic "Generation Terrorists" from 1992, did not sell 20 million. copies, but got nice success and Manics did not know in dissolution.

The Mystery Of Richey

Today, the Manic Street Preachers are a trio because one of the charismatic front figures in the band, Richey, dated February 1, 1995 made a disappearance number. Richey had had major depressions, alcohol problems and had been hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic for surveillance in the summer of 1994, where he wrote some very self-destructive texts for the band's 3rd Plate, the dark "The Holy Bible." After his print, where the future with a big US tour looked quite bright for Manics, he had disappeared from his hotel one morning and nobody could definitely say what had happened since. If he committed suicide or living happily and freely somewhere on earth there are shared opinions about. Some believe having seen him recently in a market in Goa, India. The three remaining members even think that Richey is alive somewhere, and Nicky has stated: "I think Richey is alive, but I have no actual evidence or explanation about this, nothing but my heart's intuition."

After Richey's disappearance, James, Sean and Nicky are thrown into many speculations as to whether to continue, but they are still known here. In 1996, "Everything Must Go" as a sold cannon released many albums from day one and with the single "A Design For Life", the album harvested one award after another in England. Manic Street Preachers first hit Denmark in their 5th album "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours"You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next "became a big hit all over Europe and entered straight as No. 1 in England. And from" Know Your Enemy "there should also be several hits on the way, the single "Ocean Spray" was published in beginning of June.

It's Us Who's The Enemy.

"People get more lazy and more complacent about politics and society at all. Politics may seem boring to many, but unless you engage in community involvement, things will just fall apart." Sean says about what inspired them to" Know Your Enemy. But who's the enemy? "Oops! What we have done before. When you feel satisfied with life, it becomes difficult to express anything at all. It just got boring. It's like when a political party finally comes to power, they often relax what they would use it for. And I've always said that I'm a one-man party ... We had achieved what we wanted. For example, we can go to Helsinki and play for 10,000 people, but without compromising. We are too intelligent to "Tell Nicky." Know Your Enemy "has got a freaking noise , and Nicky says," I've told people it's not just our best album ever. It's one of the best records ever. "

The Big Star With The Big Cock

Last, Manic's rebellion created in the press in their homeland because they said no to to play for the British queen but chose to launch "Know Your Enemy" with a concert in the Communist state of Cuba, where also leader Fidel Castro himself appeared. As anti-capitalists, Manic Street Preachers are the first western band to be allowed to play in Cuba, and their visit was then also used as propaganda for the Communist Party, for Manics is to the extent anti-imperialists and anti-USA.

To meet Fidel Castro, Nicky said before the 15 minute small talk: "It would be the greatest honor in my whole life" and afterwards he said, "It was like meeting the biggest rock star ever. And you know what he has a huge cock! " How Nicky knew? "You only knew that."

The Undercurrent Of Wrath

It has not been easy for Manic Street Preachers to reach where they are today. When the press has said they are matured after record releases, they have often protested against it, but Manics has evolved from being an aggressive youth project to be more mainstream and there will also be things in the future. "We do not just want to keep doing things the same way. There are still new places we can investigate. There is still the underflow of anger that bubbles a bit. But the older you become, the more you want to get it in a more controlled and focused way. "Tells Sean.

Manic Street Preachers are planning a Best of ...collection, but to find out Which songs are going to be included and which ones do not have to be still complicated. "You do not want to exclude anyone, so the fans just get lost immediately and ask" Why did not you bring it? "Even if it's a shit. I would like to do the Beatles, make a red and blue album - but I do not really know if we're up there! " smiles Nicky.

Manic Street Preachers have always been a band that reacted to things with their socially critical texts. Sean explains: "We have always exhibited ourselves and we have always been happy to exhibit ourselves. But instead of doing it in a rough way, we would rather try to be intellectuals. We have never been confrontational. We have always been nonviolent. But earlier, when we were interviewed, some people were afraid of us. But as humans, we are quite normal and calm. It's through our lyrics that we're getting it all out. "

Now, festival people are expecting Manics from the Cuba adventure again to prove that they are the real deal because Manics has done it well!