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Manics To Go Solo, But There's No Split - Wales On Sunday, 18th September 2005

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Title: Manics To Go Solo, But There's No Split
Publication: Wales on Sunday
Date: Sunday 18th September 2005
Writer: Rachel Mainwaring

Quirky rock star Nicky Wire has revealed he and fellow Manic Street Preacher James Dean Bradfield are working on solo projects.

But the bassist for the chart-topping Blackwood band has reassured fans that it doesn't mean the band is about to split!

Nicky, 36, said: "I'm actually working on a solo record at the moment, which'll probably never get released - it's working title is currently 'Won't Get Released' - and so is James.

"I'm just fiddling with that, and there's Manics demos as well. It's a veritable hive of activity."

The boys, who also perform with James' cousin Sean Moore, are taking a break after releasing their seventh album Lifeblood.

And James, who married PR girl Mylene Halsall last year, said he won't be surprised if their moves to work alone for a while gets the rumour mill in motion.

He is recording in Cardiff with one of The Holy Bible's production team. Early reports suggest the sound is a return to his rock/punk roots.

But James downplays the constant speculation that Lifeblood will be the Manics' swan song.

"The fact we are taking a break will turn into another rumour so we just have to accept that. Between us and Blurt I think we've allegedly split up at least 60 times and we're still here!" he said.

And although they are huge stars here in the UK, the boys - unlike fellow bands the Stereofucknics and Feeder - have no plans to tour America anytime soon.

James said: "The biggest thing is we're not sure who is going to turn up if we play a concert in the USA or Canada.

"We're never quite sure if anyone is going to turn up at all."

As well as the solo projects the band has also recorded a song for War Child album 'Help: A Day In The Life' which Nicky describes as "like the Sex Pistols, really punk rock.

"This time we'll be doing a brand new song. We were jamming and it's rather raucous," he said.

"It's very Sex Pistol-y, full-on and really punk rock, without taking itself too seriously. It's nice because we haven't written a song like that for a long time."