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Manics Star Is Officially Dead - South Wales Evening Post, 25th November 2008

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Title: Manics Star Is Officially Dead
Publication: South Wales Evening Post
Date: Tuesday 25th November 2008

Missing Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards has been officially declared dead.

The Welsh lyricist and guitarist disappeared 13 years ago, at the age of 27. Despite reported sightings across the world, many believe Edwards, whose car was found near the Severn Bridge, took his own life.

His parents, Graham and Sherry Edwards have now been granted a court order for him to be declared presumed dead, Manic Street Preachers publicist Terri Hall said.

Edwards's father, of Blackwood, said he did not wish to comment on the matter. Hall said the move was "hugely emotional" for remaining band members James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore. "This is the parents's choice and the band is happy to go with what the parents decide is best," she said.

"We all dream Richey will come back one day. But it is no longer a realistic hope and if this offers some kind of closure then the band will be content with that."

The band (pictured) were unavailable for comment as they are currently abroad, she said.

Former Swansea University student Edwards was last seen in on February 1, 1995, after checking out of a London hotel on the eve of American promotional tour.

He returned to his flat in Cardiff, before driving to the original Severn Bridge, where his car was found two weeks later.

His parents could legally have declared him dead in 2002. However, they hoped he might be found alive.

The family's lawyer, David Ellis, said their change of heart reflected "an acceptance that his affairs have got to be sorted".

"That's not the same as an acceptance that he is dead," he said.

The document, issued by the Probate Registry of Wales, names Edwards's parents as executors and states he died "on or since" February 1, 1995.