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Manics Star Gives Voice To 'Taboo' Subject - South Wales Echo, 5th July 2008

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Title: Manics Star Gives Voice To 'Taboo' Subject
Publication: South Wales Echo
Date: Saturday 5th July 2008
Writer: Robin Turner


New song about man abused by his partner.

Manic Street Preacher frontman James Dean Bradfield has written a new song about the taboo subject of domestic violence against men.

The 39-year-old singer-songwriter's latest effort Shut That Door will form the soundtrack of a new play Revelation, which studies the effect on men who are abused by their partners.

The play has been penned by Patrick Jones - the brother of the Manics' bassist Nicky Wire.

The powerful drama will be shown at Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre from Tuesday and tells the story of Dionne and Steve.

It charts Steve's downward spiral from being an enthusiastic lover and father to a shell of a man, who is psychologically tormented, tortured and physically abused by Dionne.

Nathan Sussex (Steve), is an established TV, radio and film actor whose credits include Asboland, Coronation Street, Torchwood and the BBC Radio 4 play Darkness.

Stacey Daly, who plays Dionne, is an established theatre, film and television actress who has appeared in Brezhnev's Children, The Magic Necklace and Four Stories High.

The two actors are a couple in real life.

Patrick Jones spent months researching the play and Revelation is based on more than 40 interviews with men who have experienced domestic violence.

He said: "I'm not vilifying all's about human nature generally.

"It's about what forces some people to the extremes of violence and psychological control."

He agreed the subject of domestic violence with men as victims was one of the last great taboos.

He said: "There are still men who refuse to deal with the issue, refuse to accept it's happening."

Patrick Jones is a playwright, poet, human rights activist and filmmaker and his work includes the poetry collections The Guerilla tapestry and Fuse, a CD of spoken word and The War is Dead Long Live The War.

He has also directed short films and videos for The Manic Street Preachers.

The play is being directed by Chris Durnall the artistic director of Theatr Ffynnon.

The production has been supported by the Dyn Project Cardiff, The Mankind Initiative, Gwent Theatre, Chapter Arts Centre and the Arts Council of Wales.